It’s the end of the world as we know it… Oh R.E.M, how right you were! 

October brings with it the spookiest of creatures, from ghouls precariously flying around the city to werewolves howling up at the full moon. But this year (for us Brits at least), the 31st of October will no longer be known as Halloween but rather the day that changed our whole world entirely.

So, you’ve managed to survive months (years even) of monotonous Brexit negotiations, but how about challenging yourself to something even more frightening? 

Clamber on over to Central London and prepare to put your nerves through an extreme test and embrace all things apocalyptic at the End of The World Weekend at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, running 31st October until 2nd November. 

Prepare yourself for the most thrilling (or haunting) immersive experience you’ve ever tried. Creep around every corner with caution because you never know what kind of scares and thrills you’ll find lying around… Even the bravest of souls will fear for their lives as you’re plunged deep into darkness or find yourself forced to take the extremest of measures to survive. Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, runs from 31st October to 2nd November, is laced with immersive theatre, virtual reality, holograms and pyrotechnics – all, of course, set to HG Wells’ haunting Victorian tale and Jeff Wayne’s iconic musical work.

You’ll be thrusted back in time to the 1898 Martian Invasion, with live actors and virtual characters popping up along the way, as the story is brought to life from the moment you step inside the 22,000-square foot multi-level site in The City.

After you’ve been ridiculed of your soul during the immersive experience, kick off the weekend with the ultimate Brexit party on the 31st of October, but we certainly can’t promise you won’t be any less petrified… For one-night-only, their steampunk themed restaurant and bar will be transformed into the ultimate toast to our political Armageddon, equipped with a live DJ set bellowing out the end of the world classics until the very end… of time.

To help you get your groove on, you’ll be able to enjoy a tipple or two from their exclusive cocktail selection with some rather amusing names. I mean, are you a Bo-jito fan, or think of your self as a no deal daiquiri kinda person? Oh, and ol’ Boris has promised to make a special appearance (if Mr Prime Minister is busy that evening though, they’ve promised to rustle up the next best thing).

If you manage to make it through the end of the world shenanigans and fancy being ridiculed and haunted for the entire weekend, whizz over to one of the apocalyptic after-parties running across the Halloween weekend. Make sure you come dressed to impress because there’ll be a few drinks prizes for those with the spookiest costumes (dressing up at the PM is, of course, encouraged!). As we’re headed into apocalyptic times, the live DJ sets will be pumping out the tunes late into the night so make sure you’ve got your best dancing shoes on.

It’s time to quell your fears, because let’s face it, after 31st October who knows what’ll happen…

Avoid disappointment and make sure you book your tickets now!