What does it take to create an award winning, genre-defining art fair? Tina Ziegler, the driving force behind the Moniker Art Fair, seems to know…

The Moniker Art Fair opens this week, it’s one of London’s leading art fairs and this year the focus is on borders (you can’t keep Brexit out of any conversation nowadays, right?). Taking inspiration from the headlines dominating global politics, the tenth anniversary fair line-up will highlight the international and borderless nature of Moniker’s work, with artists from around the world drawn from the cutting edge of urban art and culture.

As director, Ziegler exemplifies this spirit, with the Moniker Art Fair being borne out of the frustration that there wasn’t a platform for the artform and the belief that a space for veteran artists and new talent to garner the recognition they deserve. Under her guidance and support, the fair has become a launch pad for emerging talent with Ziegler herself aiming to be a torch barer for the urban contemporary art scene. To this end she’s dedicated much of her professional career to nurturing it, with the Moniker Art Fair reflecting this vision perfectly.

Central to the five day art fair, the installation hall, dubbed Dear George, the UNion is Cross, curated by Yasha Young from Urban Nation Gallery, brings the best of Britain’s street artists to respond to Brexit and consider the future of the country. Given Ziegler’s fascination with how the art movement has always made their own rules and formed their own collectives. Tina’s work is informed by this loyalty and subculture, and it’s all on show at the fair.

Which this year comes to Chelsea. Making the symbolic move from Shoreditch to Chelsea the fair plants the flag of Urban and Street art right in the centre of one of London’s most international boroughs, bringing the conversation, and protest, to SW3 as well as embracing its transient roots as it relocates.

New for 2019, Tina Ziegler has secured a new partnership with Berlin’s contemporary art museum, Urban Nation. The gallery, an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange promotes the power of art as a social architect. A mission that is exactly what the Moniker Art Fair aims to emulate.

And it will, starting tomorrow. The Moniker Art Fair runs from Wednesday October 2nd until Sunday October 6th and promises to be an unmissable affair.

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Chelsea Sorting Office, 90-100 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6NJ