Are You Serious About Your Travel Photography? Then You NEED This…

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
29th October 2019

If photography doesn’t mean any more to you than Insta likes, then this one isn’t for you. Thankfully there’s a lot more to it than duck lips and selfies, and we’ve teamed up with the one organisation who are the real experts in all things travel photography, National Geographic Traveller, to offer our readers 50% off their latest Travel Geeks instalment – a session dedicated to travel photography, and specifically the most exciting sort: expedition photography.

Travel Geeks is a series run by National Geographic Traveller and sees readers meet panels of experts in various fields, and their next session will include photographers, filmmakers and expeditionists, all sharing their stories as well as practical advice for any aspiring adventure photographer. For instance, what equipment would you pack to manage the tricky polar terrain? How would you take photos in some of the world’s most challenging locations?

On-hand on November 19th, a panel of so-called ‘Travel Geeks’ (read ‘definitive experts’) will include Paddy Scott. The filmmaker and photographer has won awards for his extreme photography, and his travels include trips to the South Pole and paddle boarding down the Amazon. Who better to consult about photographing wildlife or grand landscapes?

Joining him, travel writer Jamie Lafferty is a regular National Geographic Traveller contributor and has spent a career in the wild, quite literally, covering far-flung destinations like Guyana, Papua New Guinea, Kyrgyzstan and, the ultimate wilderness, Antarctica. Meanwhile, travel photographer and writer Nori Jemil, will be onstage. She now works with specialist operators to lead tours that focus on extreme locations, another regular contributor to the magazine, she will explain how photo specialist expeditions to destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, Bhutan and the Atacama Desert have transformed how she travels.

Also on the panel, Alastair Newton, an expedition leader at luxury cruise operator Ponant, will bring his knowledge, borne out of leading expeditions to some of the planet’s most far-flung corners, to the panel. The Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society will, join the panel which will be moderated by travel writer Emma Thomson. The writer, a regular not only at National Geographic Traveller but also at The Telegraph and The Independent, will be helping along the discussion as well as sharing some of her own experiences and tips with the audience.

The laid back session is perfect for popping into after work and will not disappoint with its helpful and informative tips, advice and ideas. And with tickets costing just £5 through The Handbook, there’s no reason to not take us up on our 50% off offer. Plus, there’s a free glass of wine, beer or soft drink and nibbles for all guests.

Tuesday 19th November at Wallacespace Clerkenwell, 18 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0DP. Get 50% off here 

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