It’s hard to imagine London without seeing St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s where we worship on nation days, we walk past it on our daily commute, and shop and drink in its shadows, while tens of thousands of tourists visit every year. But it was so nearly wiped from the London skyline altogether. This weekend a new light show tells that story.

Creative studio Double Take Projections will showcase their fantastic light installation ‘Where Light Falls’ this evening and until Sunday, using St Paul’s as a backdrop to tell the story of how London nearly lost this iconic structure.

Light and picture installations will tell the story of the nighttime raids during the Second World War Blitz. They’ll including the heroic story of the Royal Engineers who risked their lives to save the cathedral when an unexploded bomb  become lodged 30 feet beneath the west end of the cathedral. Onlookers will also be immersed in stories of courageous civilians who worked tirelessly throughout the war, armed with sandbags and hoses, to put out fires close to the cathedral. Many of the stories focus on the civilian ‘watch parade’ and pay homage to those who worked throughout the night searching the skies for German planes targeting the landmark.

Partnering with Historic England and The Poetry Society to retell all of the brave heroes’ stories, the installation tribute will mark the 80th anniversary commemoration of the Blitz and honour the heroes who saved St Paul’s Cathedral from destruction. 

Alongside the light projections, onlookers will be able to hear emotive poetry extracts, including a newly commissioned piece narrated by Keith Jarrett from The Log Book. 

The event will take place from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th of October and will play on a 20-minute loop. Make sure you get down there to appreciate the landmark in a whole new light. 

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