The Photography Exhibition That’s Glitter-ally Amazing

By Lottie Woodrow |
9th October 2019

There are two types of people in this wild world. People who can concoct up the wildest of projects, making their wondrous imaginations a reality, and there’s those who, quite frankly, quiver at the thought of it. If you’re like me, stuck in the latter, ignite your imagination through the help of Tim Walker and his whacky new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Running until March 2020, explore the marvellous and extraordinary creative process of one of the world’s most inventive photographers in his new exhibition, Wonderful Things, showcasing his pictures, films, photographic sets and wildly interesting installations.

Credit: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

For me, Tim Walker is the epitome of fashion photography. He’s the creative mastermind behind some of the world’s notorious fashion shoots and magazine spreads, having curated dazzling shoots for Vogue and Vanity Fair, and his otherworldly mind is up for exploration in this exhibition.

The wildly elaborated exhibition is centred around immersive, fantastical worlds. Tim scoured the labyrinth that is the V&A and sought inspiration from the luminous stained-glass windows, erotic illustrations, jewelled boxes, and naturally the largest photograph in the museum’s collection, a 65-metre photograph of the Bayeux Tapestry. It’s from the never-ending collections and working closely with the museum’s curators, conservators and technicians, that Tim created ten major new photographic projects.

Each collection delves into innately bizarre, from fragments of his pastel known aesthetic to the surrealist of combinations, a lot of which centres around sex and the bodily form. Tim worked incredibly closely with creative director and set designer, Shona Heath, to achieve this major exhibition. Having worked together for the past 20 years, Shona’s creative connection with Tim enabled her to play with designs and styles which fit Tim’s vibrant imagination, putting his visions into a rather theatrical set, but undeniably stunning none the less.

Credit: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The man behind the whopping collection, Tim Walker, says: “To me, the V&A has always been a palace of dreams – it’s the most inspiring place in the world. The museum’s collection is so wide and eclectic, and I think that’s why it resonates with me so much.

“Many of the objects that I saw during my research at the museum made my heart swell and I wanted to create a photograph that would relate not only to the physical presence and beauty of that object, but also to my emotional reaction to it.”

Add a little sparkle to your day and visit Tim Walker: Wonderful Things. The exhibition runs until March 2020, at the Victoria and Albert, Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, SW7 2RL,

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