Fancy heading to London’s latest opening where the history is more debauched than a Shelby brothers’ Christmas party, the interiors mind-bending and the drinks as heady as they come? You’re in the right place.

Opening this week nearly 100 years since it last closed its infamous doors, The Lost Alhambra has been revived by The Adventure Group Bar, the team behind the likes of Instagram favourites Tonight Josephine, Bar Elba and Blame Gloria.

Back in 1854, The Alhambra Theatre, as it was known, was one of the few bars to accept woman inside without the escort of a man. Well, you can imagine what that means. It’s safe to say the Alhambra honestly earned its colourful reputation as “the greatest place of infamy in all of London.”

The ‘leading ladies’ of The Alhambra would lure customers underground with oysters, Champagne and, we imagine, some serious come hither eyes, announcing, “Come, won’t you bring me my liquor?”

The theatre burnt down in 1882 and was swiftly rebuilt but said to be cursed due to the unscrupulous soirees of years before. It was eventually demolished and turned into an Odeon – wild! Fast forward to 2019 and women buying their own drinks (shock horror), the bar has reopened and set to be one of Central London’s most desirable drinking dens.

Much like the power pink neon signs of sister bar Tonight Josephine and the clashing jewel-toned prints of Blame Gloria, The Lost Alhambra’s interiors will not disappoint. Guests will enter through a mind-bending black and white, Escher-inspired staircase before stepping into the world of technicolour and liquor. The vibe is ‘more is more’, from the psychedelic floors to the pulsing neon strip ceiling.

The drinks are equally as fun – go for the Pisco Inferno, a blend of passionfruit, peach liqueur, vanilla and ginger ale, served up in a glittering disco ball or the Clockwork Orange – a crisp mix of blood orange gin, mandarin liqueur, fresh lemon juice, egg white and Peychaud bitters. And for those not wanting to indulge too much, there’s a range of non-alcoholic tipples to choose from – we like the sound of the Matinée Bohemian Raspberry, made with Strykk Not Vodka, raspberry, cranberry, fresh basil and pink grapefruit.

Burger legends Dip & Flip will be in the kitchen to serve up the best midnight snacks, from wings to loaded fries and their famous cheeseburger dunked in gravy.

The Alhambra may have been lost for over 100 years, but we’re pretty sure this time round it’s here for the long haul.

The Lost Alhambra, 28A Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LE