She’s normally found on the front row of fashion shows or meeting royalty, but today Victoria Beckham wasn’t opening a hospital, she was opening a loo. Yes, Posh Spice just cut the virtual ribbon on a brand new lavatory, because it’s not any old WC, it’s the most venerable bathroom in London, Annabel’s new Loo In The Mews.

Only at Annabel’s would this make any sense, because the bathrooms are uniformly gorgeous and the new ones are even better. The existing ladies’ on the third floor are officially the coolest Insta-Famous loos in London (take that, Sketch!), with over 15,000 selfies recorded in the Ladies’ Powder Room in the last year. Well the new ‘Loos in the Mews’ will see the club double down on the Insta loo thing.

Annabel’s is London’s most exclusive and sumptuous private members’ club. The interiors are ‘wow’ from the moment you walk in (there’s a Picasso at reception, just casual like). The entire decor of the 26,000 square foot building is the work of designer Martin Brudnizki, and the opulence throughout doesn’t stop at the bathroom door, in fact Brudnizki only turns up the volume.

What does it take to create such an iconic bathroom? According to Brudnizki, a jungle. The loos will channel rainforests and jungles, with over four million pieces of mosaic glass spread across floors, walls and ceilings in both the male and female loos, interspersed with animals and flora, creating an immersive natural environment in which to ‘go’.

The male bathrooms centrepiece will be a 500 kilo crocodile basin, hewn from a single slab of green onyx. Over in the ladies, an estuarine lagoon theme is order of the day, with beautiful pink onyx basins, each hand carved into Bergenia flower heads.

Martin Brudnizki explains his theme throughout the club is escapism, “I wanted to build on the Club’s themes of flora and fauna with new bathrooms offering members a similar sense of escapism to the rest of the Club” adding that he achieved this “created entirely in mosaic and spread across the floor, walls and ceiling of the mews, the jungle and animal motifs add to the playful spirit of Annabel’s”.

Or, in the words of Victoria Beckham: “So much detail!! Beautiful new @annabelsmayfair bathrooms x Kisses VB”.

Well said VB.