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The Handbook

Let’s face it, we all spend an awful lot of our time slaving away in the office surrounded by impending deadlines, exploding email inboxes and long lost lunch breaks (we waved goodbye to ours back in secondary school). 

It’s certainly depressing to think that us Londoners spend over a third of our time at work (sigh) but having a friendly, fun and commutative work environment helps to soften the blow.

One Members’ Club that’s pushing the boundaries for community building is The Oblique Life, a lifestyle brand that puts community first, bringing people together and encourages engaging with one another through their Members’ Club and Digital Magazine. Set up by three brothers, they’re spreading their wings as they extend their community building focus into Londoner’s workplaces. 

So, first things first, what the heck does a strong community focus mean?

Set up by the Sumaria brothers, Romi, Shonil and Keyu, The Oblique Life is on a mission to help busy Londoner’s live their best lives, through a diverse community that’s characterised by shared values, purpose and a sense of belonging. Oh, and don’t be warned off because of the words ‘members’ club’ because unlike other clubs scattered across the city that base acceptance on image and face value, The Oblique Life’s focus looks towards creating in-depth and communicative relationships. 

These guys are striving to help bring together Londoner’s through their intimate experiences, saving members time with their lifestyle management services and spoiling the community rotten even more than your ol’ mum does at Christmas with their super special members’ benefits. 

One thing that sets them above the rest is that the founders are using their initiative by turning their attention to helping companies strengthen and improve their corporate culture and help inspired communities to blossom within their organisations. This in turn, obviously, helps to foster better employee performances driven by higher morale (a big ol’ bonus for you business owners). They provide this through four main services: wellness programmes, team building, social event curation and employee benefits. 

Wellness Programmes

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is wildly important, and it’s easily ignored and brushed under the carpet in many organisations. At The Oblique Life, however, you’ll find health and wellbeing at the core of their employee offering, implemented through building relationships and working with London’s top wellness professionals and instructors. 

Immense focus goes towards stress and anxiety management, sleep patterns, self preservation and confidence building for personal development. So it’s hardly surprising member Kaitlin, a Startup Founder claimed “Having the Oblique organised Sophrology class with Sophie was an amazing experience… It truly helped me with my stress levels and managing my wellbeing.” 

Team Building

If you can’t have a good chuckle with your work colleagues from time to time, what’s even the point? The brothers have built a unique team building program that’s designed around each company’s needs using elements that have actually been fundamental in the building of The Oblique Life’s very own community hub. From putting communication, creativity and diversity at the forefront, these guys are light years ahead of other members’ clubs. One happy Partner, Paul Bungener, Global Brand Ambassador of FAIR. who said: “From the day I started working with The Oblique Life, I knew we were going to do some great things together. They are a brand that sticks to their values and offers true support to their partners.”

Social Event Curation

These guys certainly know a thing or two about organising and hosting social events having showcased a whopping 500 for their own community! From the recent success of The Oblique Life Eco Lounge on behalf of START ART Fair at the Saatchi Gallery, to intimate acoustic gigs at various WeWork offices, The Oblique Life helps take out the faff of planning, organising and executing team events so that employees can focus more so on mixing and having a jolly ol’ time. 

Employee Benefits

Everyone loves a Brucie benefit and The Oblique Life membership is full of them, winner! They’re now opening up their memberships to companies who are committed to building community from within and are interested in leveraging The Oblique Life membership as the employee perk to do just so. Membership is affordable and value orientated starting at just £17 per employee per month, and organisations can get a bulk purchase discount, depending on the number of memberships being signed up. 

An added bonus just for The Handbook readers

Interested? Well you’re in luck because The Oblique Life is offering The Handbook readers an exclusive bottle of Millage when you apply for an Oblique Life Membership by 31st December 2019 using the referrer ‘The Handbook’. Eek!

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