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Dread checking your account balance? Well what about, instead of your overdraft, you discovered you had a credit balance… OF BACON? Because yes, that’s now a thing. Welcome to the ‘Rash Point’…

The latest publicity stunt from Deliveroo will see Londoners able to withdraw actual bacon rolls from The Piggy Bank ATM for FREE this December. Based on apparent ‘research’ by the food delivery service who claim that breakfast orders generally soar on the second Friday of December have figured out that there’s a direct correlation between Christmas parties and hungover bacon orders. That’s why they’ve decided to locate the Rash Point at Bank Station for FREE between the 11th and 13th December.

The machine will be built by production company Kerve and the bacon rolls will be courtesy of Oink Catering, who reckon they purvey the best bacon snacks in London (now that’s some research we would like to be involved with) and will be located on Brushfield Street in The City. Hungover commuters will be welcome to pig out at the Rash Point between 7am and 2pm and, for good measure, will also be given the opportunity to donate to charity via contactless card into the bargain.

According to Deliveroo’s Head of PR, Joe Groves, “Free bacon rolls on the most hungover day of the year is probably the best thing we have ever done to be honest”, and this is from the firm that offered free helicopter dinners a few months back, so that’s saying something. Although, in a face-off between the two, keep us in mind for the ‘copter ride rather than the bacon sarnie, Joe.

So this Christmas party season, feel free to go the whole hog at your work Xmas do, safe in the knowledge that you can pig out the following day.