An Immersive Monopoly Experience Is Coming To London

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
6th November 2019

Let’s face it, most of us couldn’t afford to buy a house on the Old Kent Road. One-bed flats along the grim dual carriageway into Elephant and Castle sell for over £300,000, while top-hatted property speculators push rent prices higher and higher and meanwhile you’re on the pavement with your terrier wondering why you only won second prize in a beauty contest. So when we heard that there’s an immersive version of popular boardgame Monopoly coming to London, we were like ‘we’re already immersed in it, you tw*ts’…

Not too hasty, though.

Immersive experiences are sweeping London, taking us by storm, from Secret Cinema’s dramatic James Bond extravaganza to more impenetrable escape rooms than Wormwood Scrubs. So surely an Monopoly experience will be a no-brainer? Boardgame maker Hasbro has teamed up with international theatre producer Selladoor Worldwide to turn the game into a 75 minute theatrical experience hitting town in 2020.


Opening at a secret location (which probably means that they’ve not found one yet), teams will compete as they move around the Monopoly board, buying property along the way. It basically sounds like working for Foxton’s, but without the mini.

According to Hasbro this is the first in a series of similar roll-outs, as they try and find new ways to monetise on their boardgame portfolio. Personally I’m already pretty stoked by the idea of immersive Buckaroo or Jenga, though a little too squeamish for Operation and too risk averse to get involved with Hungry Hippos.

But given Londoners have been living in immersive Monopoly for years without passing Go and definitely not collecting £200, maybe this wasn’t the ideal first launch? We’ll see…



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