By now we are used to some wacky and wonderful events coming to the Natural History Museum from secret cinemas, to overnight sleepovers but we didn’t quite see this collab coming. Prepare to Yellow your heart out as much loved British hero’s Coldplay have teamed up with the museum for an exclusive last-minute show on the 25th of November, eek!

Perhaps not the venue we expected the superstar band to play in but hey, we definitely aren’t complaining. Their intimate show will debut their brand-new eighth studio album, Everyday Life, which is due to be released on the 22nd of November, three days prior to the show. So, er, no time like the present.

And another added brucie bonus, their new album is set to be a double album, so we won’t see them rushing off the stage anytime soon.

To have a chance of getting your hands on these hot tickets, head over to their website to pre-order their album and gain an exclusive access code. An access sale will then go live at 10 am on the 23rd of November so you can fight to the death to get the chance to see Chris Martin and co perform.

The band once said they never meant to cause us trouble, but really this ticket sale will be full-on stress. Time to brush up your lyrics and your sleeves and get ready to refresh your browsers for a chance to see them perform live.

If we don’t get tickets, every tear will really be a waterfall.

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