Following on from the successful Theatre in the Clouds, that took place throughout the year, London’s luxury Shangri-La Hotel is once again playing host to a run of plays performed a breathtaking 39 floors up. 

Nestled in one of London’s most grand modern buildings, The Shard, the Shangri-La isn’t the first place you think of to take in theatre in the capital. But the hotel has cleverly partnered with theatre company Revels In Hand to create an intimate experience quite unlike anything before. The group’s mission, post meeting at Cambridge University, is to concoct theatre in the most outlandish of places, from drawing rooms, gardens and yachts to sensational venues such as The Shard. Lucy Eaton, Melanie Fullbrook and Freddie Hutchins are the ever so talented members that make up the group, their aim being to revive the Shakespearean pastime of performing to intimate gatherings in private homes.

This time the performances take a festive turn. Commissioned especially for the holiday season, from playwright Oliver Rose, Four Calling Birds transports guests to the Midwinter soirée of Richard Bleak, whose festive preparations are about to take a turn for the hilarious. We went earlier this year to one of their first performance and can confirm it’s not only brilliant theatre but an entirely different way to spend your evening – who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in the Shangri-La’s signature suite, 39 ft up above the hustle and bustle of London town, champagne in hand? 

The experience also offers a unique chance to see the talented work of Revels in Hand – rumour has it they are the theatre company of choice for private soirées of the A-list – whose work is inspired by the vintage farces of stage and screen’s yesteryear. 

Once seated, the £95 per person ticket allows for you to indulge in two glasses of Champagne and a brimming selection of Shangri-La canapés; fairly priced considering all that’s involved, plus solely travelling up to The Shard’s viewing point costs £32 alone. What’s more, the audience is made up of a truly intimate number of people, just shy of 20, making it an idyllic date-night experience or something for those seeking a night that subverts the norm of dinner dates and drinks.

Raucous, intimate, glamorous and full of Yuletide joy, this is one theater date you don’t want to miss. Find out more by reading our full review here. 

If you’re keen to experience Theatre in the Sky for yourself, you’re going to have to be quick as dates are selling out fast. Upcoming performances are taking place on  27th November, 28th November, 4th December, 5th  December, 11th December (SOLD OUT) and 12th December (SOLD OUT).

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