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The Handbook

It’s the most iconic New Year’s celebration of them all, a fizz, bang and an ‘ahhh’ better than Sydney Opera House or Times Square and, best of all, it’s British. London’s Southbank is the veritable home of New Year, close to the prime meridian, the centre of global time, not to mention the fact that it’s the most impressive celebration on the global scene, watched by hundreds of millions the globe over. And given the celebrations are on our own doorstep, who wouldn’t want to go and celebrate in person? Well we all should, and we’ll have to book tickets now as they’re selling out fast.

The Southbank Centre is very much the front-row seat when it comes to the New Year’s Eve fireworks. The Royal Festival Hall will be transformed into a five-floor party destination, with themed rooms taking guests back through the decades that the Centre has been the focus of celebration. Six bars, live acts and a total of fifteen DJs will set the scene for a New Year’s Eve celebration that promises to offer not only the perfect party, but also an unforgettable display in the form of the UK’s largest annual fireworks display, taking place literally outside on the South Bank.

Guests are invited to choose a decade and dress to impress. So whether you’re a 1920s flapper, a de-mob happy ’40s party goer, or a swinging ’60s hippy you’ll feel at home. The venue’s six themed pop-up nightclubs will transport guests back from the jazzy ’20s to the present day, all interspersed with live orchestras, specialist DJs, dance lessons and photo studios.

As the midnight climax approaches head onto the outdoor terraces and prepare for one of the biggest shows of the year. A 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown to the most impressive display of pyrotechnics in the world before your eyes. Then it’s back indoors for the celebrations to continue well into the night.

Tickets are quickly becoming more and more scarce as they fly off metaphorical internet shelves, get yours now before they’ve all gone up in smoke!