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Anyone who ever said that ‘size doesn’t matter’ clearly had a tiny – ahem- ‘pig in blanket’. Well at Taste of London it’s clear that size not only matters, but that when it comes to the ‘it’s what you do with it’ they’ve got the best answer, and  what’s more: you can join in!

Taste of London, THE foodie event of Christmas, sees hundreds of chefs, restaurants and food shops descend on Tobacco Dock for a three-day extravaganza of eating, drinking and… pig in blanket making. As if Taste of London wasn’t big enough already, they’re generating publicity and record-breaking at the same time with the world’s biggest ever pig in blanket. I know, it’s weird to think that nobody has before tried to create everyone’s favourite Christmas side-dish super-sized to the approximate weight of an eight-year-old child, but it’s true.

The incredible feat of creating the so-called Notorious P.I.B. will involve the largest and longest sausage in London, lovingly made by Simon ‘The Butch’ Taylor from Surrey Hills Butchers. With tens of metres of bacon wrapping the two metre sausage, the entire thing will take a whole six hours to cook over a hog roast at Taste of London’s famous fire pit, with a spectacular grand finale taking place as guests arrive. Weighing in at 25 kilos, the beast will celebrate the lost art of butchery (creating a P.I.B. of this scale is an art), with special cuts and dry ageing making this one of the tastiest Christmas treats ever tasted.

And as for tasting, 300 lucky carnivores will have the chance to actually eat the creation. The star of the opening night of Taste of London, will be available for the first 300 punters through the door, and it’s a dish you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!

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Taste of London takes place at Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, Wapping, E1W 2SF