And Now There’s A Mariah Carey Ball Pit

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
10th December 2019

All I want for Christmas… is a Mariah Carey ball pit?

Yes, in the ultimate Christmas cash-in our favourite ball pitters Ballie Ballerson have taken something sacred, and put their balls all over it. Keeping things seriously classy, and running under the tagline ‘Mariah And Balls Belong Together’, the adult soft play destination have immortalised the great crooner herself with a special Mariah pit.

Shoreditch’s Ballie Ballerson revives the childhood joy of jumping into a giant pool of plastic balls, and adds in the essential ingredient that was (probably for good reasons) missing when you were five… alcohol. The effect is a level of surreal only really surpassed by adding in a giant mural of Mariah Carey.

Christmas traditions vary from place to place, some countries celebrate with markets and eggnog, other cultures leave gifts in a clog while other places treat midnight mass as sacred. Meanwhile, in Shoreditch, they worship in a tub of pink balls dedicated to the queen of Christmas. And because this is fully 4D experience, don’t just expect to float on a torrent of plastic while you ogle giant Mariah, she’ll be booming her way over the sound system, head-to-head with Michal Bublé tracks, as the Christmas albums Never. Ever. End.

Of course, where there’s balls you’ll find cocktails. Or why not go full-on baller and sign up for the bottomless Prosecco, giving you as much time plunging the Mariah pool between glasses as you could possibly need. Want to add in delicious Christmassy food? They’ve got special Christmas food platters with sliders, calamari (the ultimate Christmas dish, am I right?) and marinated chicken skewers.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas… in which case may as well take me to Ballie Ballerson now.

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