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Calling All Exhibitionists: No Trousers On The Tube Day

Not wearing trousers is the new wearing trousers! Or, at least, is it for one day a year when tube-riders throw away their inhibitions and lose what the Americans mistakenly call pants. Meanwhile tourists spend their day shielding their children’s eyes or taking photos.

The whole thing started back in 2002 in New York with the  ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ and seven intrepid stripper-offers who wanted to improvise a small prank, and in doing so initiated an annual celebration of naked silliness.

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of London’s de-pantalooning, but the movement has also caused quite a stir globally, with over 60 cities including Jerusalem and Moscow taking part in this annual strip tease.

However, organisers of the event are concerned that this year, participants may take slipping the slacks a step to far. Guidelines have been published on what is and is not deemed acceptable to wear. Flaunting a thong / budgie smuggler / mesh / transparent item is discouraged – your underwear of choice should amuse, not offend.

If you’re yearning to flash your frilly knickers then Sunday the 12th January is the big day. You will then be organised into ‘troops’,  board a tube with your fellow flauntees and wait until a leader gives the ‘signal’ to strip.

For more info, check out the organisers Facebook page here.