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The Handbook

It’s understandable if you’re sick of online dating. You can hardly be blamed for being bored of endless swiping or cheesy chat up lines that lead to meaningless online conversations. Online dating has definitely reached a plateau, but that doesn’t mean your love life should too. 

Enter The Inner Circle. They’ve flipped online dating on it’s head and rather than coaxing you into hours of swiping and chatting, encourages offline meet-ups as quickly as possible.

It may sound weird, but right from when you set up your profile you’re prepared for offline meet-ups. By manually verifying each new member, the app makes sure that no one is worried about being catfished or tricked by any other users. Everyone is genuinely who they say they are and their pictures are up to date. It means finding that person on your first date is as easy as possible.  

What’s also unique is the ‘spots’ feature. This is a user-curated list of venues that have been tried and tested for first dates. Basically it means setting up a date is effortlessly simple. There’s also an option to check out your favourite places and see who else likes to go there, you already have that much in common you can skip the chatting and ask to meet. Another genius shortcut to IRL.

Finally, and actually the most impressive are The Inner Circle dating events. Hosted in cities all over the world, they vary from underground house parties to rooftop cocktail classes, and are always a sell-out. They’ve even started hosting pop-up festivals, it’s any single persons dream and a sure way to meet someone special in real life. It’s officially party season at the moment, so why not change that to partner season and start meeting new people. 

All you need to do is sign up online, then get meeting offline. Give The Inner Circle a go here for free.