What’s cuter than a dog at Christmas? A dog posing for a Christmas portrait, sticking his pink little tongue out and all.

If you go into overload at the thought of a little woofer walking by your feet in your favourite London department store, you’re in luck. This Christmas, Liberty is hosting its very first pet portrait service to celebration the launch of their first ever Pooches of Liberty collection, eek!

If you’re still on the search for a super cute present for your craziest cat friend, or pooch obsessed pal, NYC-based portrait artist Ben Lenovitz will be on hand to create these ultra cute portraits of your feline friends, four legged dwags, chirpy birdie, or even your hissing reptiles. And, to say Lenovitz’ portraits are adorable would be a huge understatement. Seriously, just look at Gemma!

And as if this portrait service wasn’t glorious enough, the Pooches of Liberty collection will have you howling with happiness and most certainly will leave your wallet gaping wide… Find everything from Liberty Ciara print dog fleeces to hand-crocheted penguin toys, duck-shaped squeakers to neckerchiefs to fit all of your dachshunds needs. Not forgetting poochie Champagne too!

Portraits work out at £140 each and are available on a first come first basis. Strike up a pose and catch Ben Lenovitz in action in the Haberdashery on the third floor until Sunday 8th December.

Me-wow! It doesn’t get cuter than this.