One For The Animal Lovers: Planet Earth II Live Is Coming

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
9th December 2019

Everyone loves a good nature documentary, and normally you’d be snuggling on your sofa watching as wilderbeasts charge across the Serengeti or pods of dolphins attack a sea-lion cub or whatever it is. But wouldn’t you rather be out with friends watching lions making sweet sweet love on a giant 100ft 4k HD screen? If the answer is ‘well yes, but you just made this a bit weird’, then this is the event for you!

Imagine one of the best nature films ever made, overlaid with music by one of the greatest living composers, in one of the world’s leading venues and there you have Plant Earth II Live. Prepare to come face-to-face with gorillas bigger than King Kong and dormice the size of rhinos thanks to the ultra large screen, all while you feast your ears on the score of Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, the composer behind Gladiator, Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Planet Earth II is, hands-down, a masterclass in nature documentary making, bringing audiences face-to-face with monkeys in the jungles of Madagascar, hunting with lions in Namibia or hanging out with penguins in the brutal North Atlantic Ocean.

The show is accompanied by the majestic City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra with words provided not by the nation’s second favourite nonagenarian, Sir David Attenborough (first if you’re not a monarchist), but rather by Liz Bonnin. Herself a seasoned wildlife presenter (though with perhaps a little less seasoning than her illustrious predecessor), Bonnin will be familiar to viewers to Super Smart Animals, Galapagos and her BBC One documentary Drowning In Plastic.

The extravaganza will hit the O2 in March, with other UK venues including Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow. Prices for the O2 range between £46 and £69 and selling surprisingly fast, so go all lion on a gazelle on those things while they last.


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