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The Handbook

While the 2010’s marked the decade of dating apps, it’s fair to say they haven’t been totally successful. Nearly every single person has at least one on their phone, but are they still single? Yes. 

This is where The Inner Circle comes in. They’re charging into the 2020’s with a renewed focus on dating, completely overhauling their original business model to actually get people dating in real life. It’s incredibly simple. They’re getting you off your phones almost as quickly as you download the app. 

Other dating apps also claim to get you meeting IRL as soon as possible, but rarely actually follow through on this promise. It’s one thing to say an app is about actual dates, but it’s something else to build in tools that help make it happen.  

They’ve developed features that frequently prompt users to get offline in order to remind people that real dating happens in the real world. You can check out who likes to go to the same pubs, restaurants and bars as you. If you’ve already got that in common there’s your icebreaker. It also means you can see where your matches like to hang out, it’s a cheat but you can make sure you impress with the first date venue. 

The Inner Circle are known for their dating events, there’s no denying that. But this decade they’re getting bigger, better, and more frequent. Alongside the outrageous parties they host, there are masterclasses, dinner parties, member-hosted events and even festivals planned. If we thought last year was a big one for dating events, this year is going to absolutely blow our socks off. 

Dating apps are here to stay, but if you fancy meeting someone face to face, this app is for you. These offline-centric features are only the start, with official rumours suggesting there’s a whole host of in-app tricks coming that will push you into the real world. 

If you fancy something new, and are genuinely interested in finding someone this year, sign up to The Inner Circle here. Hopefully you’ll be deleting it soon.