Can you believe that last pay day was nearly six weeks ago? How is the economy still working? How are you even affording the electricity to power the device you’re reading this on? Did you rob a corner shop? Well as you swiftly dispose of the balaclava and bat, here’s something that’ll make you smile at last, there’s an ATM that’s giving away free Prosecco!

Marking the arrival of wine robot specialists Vagabond in The City, the installation will be doling out glasses of bubbles totally gratis for two days between Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January. The wine bar has taken over the old Santander building on Gracechurch Street and will be replacing the Automated Teller Machines with Automated Prosecco Machines for the stunt.

And while a dog may just be for Christmas, Vagabond’s here to stay. The shop first opened back in 2010 in Fulham as an alternative to the traditional wine bar; rather than being served by a real life flesh-and-blood human, you enjoy your wine at the swipe of a card and the touch of a button. The labour-light, tech heavy concept proved a surprising success and Vagabond went on the road, opening in Victoria, Canary Wharf and six other sites across town.

The chain’s latest incarnation in the heart of the city will serve 120 wines, all accessible by the glass from their machine, as well as serving seasonal small plates not to mention, controversially, craft beers!

So if you fancy a machine-served glasses of bubbles either today or tomorrow then make your way down to 51 Gracechurch Street, where the machine will be hard at work. If your mouth’s as dry as your bank account right now, then this is the perfect way to eek out the dregs of January.