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Cinderella, you shall go to the ball…

British composer and musical extraordinaire Andrew Lloyd Webber is at his musical magic again, only this time drawing inspiration from the much-loved folk tale Cinderella. And, with every new Lloyd Webber adaptation, comes very excited West End enthusiasts trying to nab up tickets.

This September will see an all new musical adaptation of Cinderella with an added sprinkle of fairy dust to help add a fresh take on the iconic folk tale story. Spearheading the musical will, of course, be Andrew Lloyd Webber and he’ll be joined by funny lyricist David Zippel. But, another huge reveal is that the musical will be based on the book and original story by Emerald Fennell, who you probably know more recently for her roles in Call the Midwife, The Crown, and as the scriptwriter for the second season of hit drama Killing Eve. So, to put it lightly, the musical is a pretty big deal…

Following the end of the School of Rock’s theatre run in March, your favourite fairy godmother will be making her sparkling entrance at the end of August at the newly refurbished Gillian Lynne theatre. It’s been described by Webber as being set in “the most beautiful village you could ever find in the entire world, with the most beautiful people you could ever find too” before everything gradually goes a little haywire. Cinderella is the misfit and outsider that we grow to love, and it turns into a story of inner beauty rather than what individuals present to the world.

Another big reveal is that West-End star, Carrie Hope Fletcher, known for her performances in Mary Poppins, Les Misérables and Heathers, is set to star in the production! With another famed name to add to the bank, you sure know it’s going to be a good’un.

Webber has expressed his excitement, commenting: “I have long wanted to write my own version of Cinderella but could never find a take on the classic story that really grabbed me. Emerald Fennell has written something truly exciting and original, and the moment I read her outline I knew I’d found my latest collaborator.”

We just hope we’re lucky enough to find our Prince Charming this Autumn. I mean, if the shoe fits…

Tickets go on sale on 20th March. Prepare to grab your tickets, here. 

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