The Handbook
The Handbook

Hotel check-in is pretty mundane; tip the bellboy, snaffle the mini toiletries, test the bed, dial the Cheese Hotline – wait what? Oh yes, I forgot to mention, this is a cheese hotel. Yep, it’s a thing now.

In a city obsessed with cheese, it was only a matter of time before you could check into a full-on cheese hotel, and don’t worry, we promise no cheese puns as we launch into the details…

The concept hotel, brought to us by affordable bistro chain Café Rouge, is actually more of a suite, and they’re offering cheese fanatics a one night stay between Wednesday 29th January and Thursday 6th February. Described as an ‘homage to fromage’, every corner of the room will be cheese themed. The wallpaper? Cheese! The throw and cushions? Cheese! Boardgames? Cheese! Soap? Cheese (yes!) Bedding? Cheese! The in-room giant installations? Cheese! There will be a cheese hotline delivery service for all things cheese, there will be cheese and crackers by the cheeseboard-load for guests to gorge themselves on. In case you hadn’t gotten the memo, everything’s cheese. All of it: cheese!

Located in Camden, the suite celebrates Café Rouge’s cheese-filled winter menu, which the chain is obviously anxious to promote off the back of it (you can order from it from the room on the ‘hotline’). And to be entered into the ballot for a night’s free stay in The Cheese Suite, all you have to do is email, with nights allocated at random.

What are you waiting for? It sounds brie-lliant. Dammit, so close to getting there without a cheese pun…