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We don’t mean to be barking your ears off but we might have found the very best art exhibition to have graced the city so far…

Introducing Meet Vincent Van Gogh, an all new immersive exhibition which will see Londoners getting up close and personal with mahoosive recreations of Van Gogh’s iconic works, climbing up high on the glistening hay bales in Arles and even snapping a ‘gram in his very own bedroom, and it’s making its way to South Bank this February…

Whether you were a dab hand with watercolours, an expert with a paintbrush or a complete novice who just loves to paint by numbers (no shame, we love an easy win too), there’s one artist we’re all familiar with. Famous for his iconic yellow sunflowers, golden hay bales, and the fact that he allegedly cut off his own ear, the nineteenth century artist Vincent Van Gogh has become world renowned and, rightly so, his works have since become iconic. Which is why decades later, we’re still obsessing over his monumental body of work, and now you can live like the man himself at the all new Meet Vincent Van Gogh exhibition.

Art lover or not, Meet Vincent Van Gogh is bursting with multisensory activities fit for all ages. You’ll be able to explore Van Gogh’s most cherished works, understanding how his techniques, materials and tools guided him to create his renowned speckled style. Delve inside the Yellow House, sit upon his bed or take a seat at the Potato Eaters table and enjoy an art class taught in the man’s own words.
Throughout the experience, Van Gogh’s narration will guide you around, retelling his life, friendships, loved ones and techniques, created from the Van Gogh Museum’s private collection of personal letters. And, if you do fancy your hand at recreating his exceptional Starry Night scene, you can channel your inner artist and give it a go for yourself.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh runs from Friday 7th February to Sunday 31st May at 99 Upper Ground, South Bank, SE1 9PP |


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