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IKEA Hammersmith

Couples on the verge of breakup beware, they’re opening an IKEA in Hammersmith. Navigating the store is considered the ultimate test of any relationship and, although it’s highly classified we’re pretty sure a leak will finally reveal, it’s also the final interview stage for GCHQ applicants, but not for much longer. Because IKEA are going to start opening mini-stores, IKEA Locals, if you will, and Hammersmith is going to be ground zero for the new concept.

Shopping centres are feeling the pinch right now, with values tumbling as retail chains collapse and we shop online more, and IKEA has decided to snap some up, starting with King’s Mall in Hammersmith. The bus station-cum-shopping centre has been bought by the Billy bookcase manufacturer in a £170 million investment. Along with a wider rejuvenation, their first move will be sticking in the UK’s first small (smøll?) IKEA by Spring 2021.

Peter Jelkeby (who is either a line of kitchen units or the Country Retail Manager and Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA UK and Ireland) has explained ‘Our plan to open a new city centre store in Hammersmith is an exciting next step, as we continue to respond to people’s evolving shopping habits, making Ikea more convenient than ever before’.

The new concept, which has already been proven in Europe, is part of IKEA’s new direction of travel. They’re also opening ‘Studios’ on Tottenham Court Road and in Bromley to give shoppers their expert advice on bedrooms and kitchen and the strategy will see the group acquire more shopping malls at current rock-bottom prices, while continuing to open a slew more little IKEA stores.

So what will they actually sell? Over 2,000 lines will be stocked in-store, and given the lack of practical parking in the area we assume it’ll be smaller items, most importantly, the shop will include an  Ikea food hall within the shopping centre, meaning that you can pop in for a plate of their famous meatballs on your commute and maybe leave with a Daim bar or two while you’re at it.

We’re pretty excited, our only hope is that they send the builders enough Allen Keys to assemble the shop in time for Spring…