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The Handbook

Some jobs are just inherently cool; secret agent, lion tamer, chocolate taster, but high on the list must come the role of travel writer. We all love travelling, that’s a given, but what about being paid to go travelling? A world of unlimited white sands, freebies and writing about the thing you love most. Which is where National Geographic Traveller’s Masterclasses come in.

Everyone loves National Geographic Traveller for its long reads, its rich photography and pure escapism, but now they’re revealing all their trade secrets in a special masterclass for aspiring travel writers and photographers. If you want to know about travel writing, anything about travel writing, this is the place to go.

Seminars and expert-led workshops at the Sunday masterclass will include sessions learning how to craft incredible copy, and how to produce perfect pics. Writing classes will cover the dos and don’ts of writing long-form features, pitching winning commissions, with six expert-led masterclasses that will equip you to put together everything from long reads to listicle roundups that shine with character and read beautifully. Learn too from experts the pit-falls (and perks) of that’s arguably ‘the best job in the world’.

When it comes to photography, six sessions will cover a range of topics, from getting photographs noticed, how to photograph wildlife and capturing the colour of your destination. From the minutea of planning a shoot, to how to get your photos published.

Sure, lion taming and international man or woman of mystery might be more thrilling, but as a close second travel journalism has never been more open to newcomers, more accessible or more fun. If it’s something you’d be interested in learning more about, be sure to check into the National Geographic Traveller Masterclass this 2nd February.

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Written in partnership with National Geographic Traveller