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This New “Six Star” Hotel Has A Secret Tunnel Into Harrods!

By Phil Clarke | 21st January 2020

Harrods, it’s famous the world over for being the home of gaudy, gold-plated luxury, it’s where Middle Eastern billionaire princelings mingle with mawkish Dodi and Di mourners and where the super rich come to buy their loo roll and ketchup. But they all have one thing in common, they enter through the same front doors. There’s no helipad, no golden millionaires-only entrance, they all have to file past the suspicious looking doormen who grumpily tell you to stop eating your Snickers bar. Them’s the breaks.


How about if you could bypass all that and get into Harrods via a secret underground tunnel? No, it’s not an audacious heist attempt, but a legit new entrance to the infamous luxury store, and it’s only going to be on offer to clients of a new Knightsbridge hotel.

Kensington and Chelsea’s council have just given the thumbs-up to a £300m redevelopment of the Pavilion Road NCP car park next door to Harrods, and the new luxury hotel will feature direct access. Eight floors up and with a bar on the top floor, the multi-storey car-park-turning-hotel is already mis-describing itself as six star (there’s no such thing). Which means that it’s going to be just as luxurious as you’re imagining. And when guests have had their back hair meticulously combed by an in-house butler (or whatever it is that six stars get you) then they can wander, black-card in hand, down the secret passage to one of the world’s most iconic shops and buy more diamonds than you could shake a Sheik at.

The site is currently owned by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, who already run the nearby, and relatively nondescript, four star Millennium Hotel on Sloane Street and the new hotel, retail space and spa has been designed by Hamilton Architects. It was originally signed off by the council back in 2016 under the same owners as a luxury care home to bring much-needed elderly care to the borough, so it’s unclear how it boomeranged into a luxury hotel for the seriously wealthy, but nevertheless we await the result with interest…