Taking a look out of my window at the grey grey February skies I can tell you I won’t be reaching for the mankini any time soon. The days of smooth sands under-foot, pina coladas in hand and sprawling across day-beds are far ahead. But not in Wandsworth Town. We have it on good authority that next month will bring with it a new theme at Backyard Cinema and let’s put it this way, they’re going to need a LOT of sand.

Our favourite cinema will be converted into a Paradise City theme (we’ve been told “think the Capulets’ party in Romeo and Juliet”) and will combine a beach party theme with with all the cinematic accompaniments you’d hope for (Top Gun, Baywatch, The Beach are all sure to make an appearance). Expected to arrive in mid-March, the beach theme will be the first London beach club of the year to open, putting Wandsworth Town in the unusual position of being well ahead of Ibiza’s opening parties when it comes to being beach bod ready.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until then, because in the meantime the venue’s Winter Night Garden will continue to fire on all cylinders. A visit to the enchanted forest sees guests push through a magical wardrobe  (heard that before) and into an adventure-filled cinematic experience. Films including The Greatest Showman, Oscar-nominees Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Joker are all playing throughout February. Best enjoyed with alcohol and from the comfort of a giant bean bag, the experience is a great reason to visit Wandsworth Town (The Handbook being located close-by is another).

Romantics can even book into Backyard Cinema this Valentine’s Day for a special V-Day showing, a line-up including the likes of Romeo + Juliet (obvs), Dirty Dancing and 10 Things I Hate About You. Plus Joker – they play Joker a lot there at the moment.

If you’re heading down, either for Valentine’s or the new beach club, you could also swing by Wandsworth Town’s latest restaurant, London Stock. Close to Backyard Cinema’s site, the newcomer has landed at the newly developed Ram Quarter (the old Young’s Brewery) and brings elegant and modern British fine dining to South West London thanks to the efforts of Executive Chef Alessandro Frau,  Head Chef Jose Fernandes and Pastry Chef Nico Fitzgerald.

As ever, Wandsworth Town has everything you need (mankini not included!).