Are These The Best Steaks In London?

Cat Gleave

Editorial Contributor

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Q&A with Cat Gleave

Favourite Restaurant in London?

Osteria Antiqua Bologna in Clapham Junction. It makes me feel like I’m living out a SW rendition of Notting Hill, which I’m all about.

Favourite Bar in London?

The Noble Rot… or Davy’s wine bar… or Princi. Don’t make me choose!

Your London Hidden Gem:

The WineMakers Club in Holborn and Magma on Theobalds street.

Favourite London Hotel?

The Soho Hotel. I’m a sucker for the cosy suites.

Favourite Cocktail?

A Cosmopolitan, because when I’m drinking, I want it to feel like Season 1 SITC.

I Want to Learn How to…

Canter on a pony and speak French- though not necessarily at the same time.

Favourite Holiday Location?

Tuscany. Preferably whilst holding a bucket of gelato in one hand, a bottle of red in the other and a bowl of zucchini fries balanced on top of my head.

Top London Life Hack?

Find a bar that sells wine at retail price with corkage added on. You can get some gorgeous wine for much less moolah.

I Couldn’t Live Without…

Leather Lane chicken tikka wraps and the flickering, low lying hope that I may eventually own a dog…

Get Me on the Guest List For…

Gooce Supper Club

Best Thing About Being a Londoner…

Richmond Park. Who am I kidding… the fact that day drinking is acceptable once Saturday rolls around.

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