Eco-Tourism Just Got Turtle-y Awesome Down In Florida

Charlotte Knight

Head of Operations

Competitive eater, retired martial artist and potential puppy foster mother. On the hunt for the best vegetarian food in town…and also doughnuts.

  020 3021 0898

Q&A with Charlotte Knight

Favourite restaurant in London?
Tredwells! Chef Chantelle Nicholson has created a menu that not only tastes divine but is wholly inclusive of people’s various dietary requirements

Favourite bar in London?
The Tale Bar at Playboy Club because they have a ton of drinks and the bunnies are great

Favourite London hotel?
The Savoy, a gorgeous hotel steeped in history

Favourite cocktail?
Anything sweet and fruity, I’m not above a sparkler and a mini umbrella

I want to learn how to…
Speak German, ja! I can already count fluently so I’m basically halfway there

Favourite holiday location?
Fiji or anywhere hot with a beach that I can try and get a tan

Top London life hack:
Head to restaurants during their soft launch, it means half price food plus you’ll be among the first to check out all the best new eating spots

I couldn’t live without…
Brazilian Jiujitsu, it’s an addictive but tough sport

Get me on the guest list for…
I love a theme so I’m on board for anything in-keeping with festive/seasonal events

Best thing about being a Londoner…
Living so close to all the amazing restaurants, bars, sites and people that London has to offer #TeamLondon

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