The Handbook Meets: Romuald Feger, Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel London Park Lane

Rory Hinton

Celebrity and Events Researcher

  020 3021 0898

Q&A with Rory Hinton

Favourite Restaurant in London?

Favourite cocktail?
An Old Fashioned

I want to learn how to…
The list is endless but top of my priority list is currently to learn to ride a unicycle

My favourite holiday location is…
Melbourne, Australia

I couldn’t live without…
Guitars and pianos, no competition

Get me on the guest list for…
Any GQ event ever. I’m obsessed with GQ. Or Justin Timberlake’s birthday party

3 things I’d take on a desert island…
A piano, my iPhone and some sun cream I suppose

Best thing about being a Londoner?
There’s never a dull moment

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