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This New Escape Room On A Plane Will Take You To New Heights…

Are you a pilot? Because you’re pretty fly to me… Oh dear. Anyway. This November, you can rid yourself of that dastardly fear of flying by taking on The Riddle Within’s new immersive experience. It’ll take you to new heights, like, literally. Popping up within the grounds of Greenwich, Flight 338 is stuff of nightmares for those who quake at the thought of turbulence. Things get off to a flying start (see what we did there?) as you’ll be handcuffed and dressed in prison garments. Yep, this experience is a little on the quirky side! Then, in a decommissioned jet plane, […]

Things to do Outdoors

Are You Headed To London’s Biggest Summer Party?

Is it just us or does the summer seem to be slipping away with the wind? And what the heck happened to the summery weather we’d grown to know and love so dearly?! The nights are already drawing in, winter is itching to make an early appearance, and we’re losing our mind over the fact all of the summer pop-ups are coming to an early end. But in an attempt to soak up the last of the summer, pop on your maxi dress, grab your heels, and why not head over to the mega summer garden party happening over at Battersea […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

We Can’t Be-Leaf There’s Now A Hotel For Plants

Okay, I’ll admit it. If you’re reading this Sargent Nicholas (off of Hot Fuzz), I’m sorry but your beloved peace lily passed away while you were off fighting crime in Sandford. If only there was a hotel you could take the poor thing to while you were away for work. Well lucky for us Londoners, there’s now a hotel designed especially for your plant babies while you’re off on your holibobs! Believe me, we’re just as shocked as you are. The world’s first hotel for plants has arrived in the city thanks to online plant delivery shop, Patch, and millennials […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Are You Going To London’s First Ever Floating Jazz Festival?

Iced tea, gosh we flippin’ love it. It saves us from hangovers and Britain’s occasional heatwave, and it kinda reminds us of being on holiday. But we must admit, our heads were somewhat turned back in February as the UK’s first and only cold brew tea bags, made using real tea leaves were released and, as if by magic, all of our Lipton dreams came true. We’re not the only ones to have got ourselves in a tizzy either as, this weekend, Real Iced Tea by Lipton are throwing an epic jazz inspired floating festival called Jazz On The Water which, unsurprisingly, will be London’s […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

We Ain’t Bluffin’: The World’s Richest Game Of Poker EVER Is Coming To London

Are you positively dying for a bit of debauchery in Vegas? Do you fast-forward to the poker part whenever you pop Casino Royale on? Or perhaps Mississippi Grind is still giving you shivers… Whatever rolls your dice, how does watching one of the most historic poker games to date sound, courtesy of Triton Poker Super High Roller Series’ flagship event The Triton Million? Kinda puts Bingo on the back burner hey…We’re talking about the event of the year, and a nail-biting world’s first. Yes, the richest ever buy-in poker tournament is taking place in the Grand Ballroom of the London […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Babes, Gemma Collins Is Hosting A Free Swap-Shop This Saturday

I’m Gemma Collins, Fearne. I’m 34, I’ve earned my divaship. And, I’ll be launching a one-day swap shop this Saturday that has got your name all over it babes… OMG. We’re totally freaking out with excitement. The rumours are true, Gemma Collins, queen of the gift of the gab, is going to be manning a swap shop this Saturday that will allow people to cash in their souvenir slip-ups. The star will be imparting her words of wisdom to passersby – “you ain’t gonna get this candy,” “I might become like Bear Grylls,” and the likes – as members of the […]

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Things to do With Kids

As If The World’s Biggest Obstacle Course Wasn’t En-Nerf…

Three, two, one… charge! Forget battling it out on the Homefront, you’re about to embark on the mission of your life, right here in London. That’s right, get your NERF guns at the…wait, NERF guns? Yup, NERF have just announced that they’re partnering up with the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course to bring us Londoner’s our most intense mission to date. Buckle up kids, we’re in for a wild one! To celebrate their 50th anniversary NERF have teamed up with The MONSTER, to host the capitals ultimate summer takedown. On August 27th and 28th, Alexandra Palace will be transformed into […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie…

We’re obsessed with taking selfies. From guys in their local Holiday Inn snapping photos of themselves in footy shirts with an extraneous flash, to parents Whatsapping their holiday selfie across showing off their right ear lobe or sun burnt forehead with no other facial features in sight. View this post on Instagram It’s Dark on a Friday which means one thing…. The WEEEKKKEEENNND IS HERE! ✨🌈♥️🤪 A post shared by Selfie Factory 🌈 (@selfiefactoryofficial) on Dec 7, 2018 at 9:30am PST Some of you are way better than others. Selfies are splashed with Facetune and brightened, unblemished and boosted to […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Europe’s First Ever Pop-Up Shakespearean Theatre Arrives

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Only Europe’s first ever pop-up Shakespearean theatre arriving at Blenheim Palace! While nothing will beat how dreamy Leo looked as Romeo back in the film remake, we’re certainly excited to be transported back to the Elizabethan period at the Rose Theatre, even if for a few hours. We’ve got a pack of tissues ready ‘cos we’re gonna be weeping by the end of Romeo and Juliet! Love him or hate him, we’ve all been captivated in a three hour production of one of Shakespeare’s plays. Whether it was the Baz Luhrmann remake, or a dodgy school reenactment […]

Fashion & Beauty

The Coveted Comfort Swap Shop In Partnership With ELLE And Cosmopolitan

Does your wardrobe look like a bomb went off in a bring-and-buy sale? Is your bedroom reminiscent of a changing room floor? If finding an outfit to wear on a night out involves sifting through five-year-old denims and Halloween costumes from circa 2005, then there’s a solution made specially for you. ELLE and Cosmopolitan are urging you to ditch your the clutter and the never-worn-it-never-wills, and replace them with something new and unique – welcome to the Comfort Swap Shop! In partnership with The Prince’s Trust, the dreamy swap shop will take away the drama of stealing your flat-mate’s clothes and allow you to feast […]

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