The time has arrived. We all know lockdown 2.0 was on the horizon but we desperately tried to forget that the inevitable quiz would erupt and return…

If you’re already losing your wit and want to find an alternative to play over Zoom, fear not because we’ve rounded up nine super fun alternative virtual games to play with your pals and family from afar.

Among Us!

There’s a new virtual craze right now and it hasn’t got anything to do with a Zoom quiz. Enter Among Us!, the online game where you have to attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but someone in the group will be trying to sabotage the teams every move.

Play over Zoom and put on your bed lying face because if you’re the imposter, you’re going to need to convince the others that you’re on their side.

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Heads Up!

Anything with Ellen DeGeneres at the goalpost, you know is going to be fun. 

Heads Up! is a game for all ages and will see you trying to guess the words on a card that’s held up to your forehead. The get this game on the way you’re going to want to hide your screen so you aren’t being sneaky and looking at your forehead on the camera. To do this all you need to do is go onto gallery view, click the three dots next to your camera and then click the option that says ‘hide self view’. You won’t be able to see yourself but your competitors will. 

Work your way through the categories and enjoy the hilarity that’ll follow. It’s more fun to do it while you’re on Zoom because you can get creative, think on your feet and test your comedy chops. Some answers will have you kicking your feet because you couldn’t get your head around them in the allotted time.

Download from the App Store / Google Play 


While we’re on a similar theme, the legends who created Heads Up! also created a really fun game that’ll help raise any zoom call to the next level. Essentially each of you is tasked with the job of outwitting your friends. 

You’ll have the chance to choose different categories, from movie bluff to word art, and each player (or team, if you’ve teamed up with your isolation buddy) is challenged to make a false answer to the real question on screen. It’s another quick and easy game that’ll have you laughing for hours. The funnier and wittier the answer, the more you’ll want to keep coming back for more. 

Download from the App Store / Google Play

Guess The Drawing

Create your own form of Pictionary using Zoom’s handy whiteboard feature. The rules of this word-guessing game are so simple, even Nanna Pat will be able to get the hang of it (well, once she’s figured out how to share her screen anyway.) All you need to do is think of an object, theme or phrase and get drawing! The worse the drawing, the funner the game so don’t worry if your mouse isn’t letting you perfect your angled lines, you’ll be in stitches of laughter all night long with this alternative.


If you haven’t stumbled across GeoWizard on YouTube since you’ve been in lockdown, or before, then you’re doing a better job than the rest of us at surviving this weird period… This guy really is a wizard at guessing the exact spot or region of a place with nothing more than a picture to guess, using GeoGuessr. Which brings us onto the game. You can spend hours of fun scrolling through famous landmarks and different areas of the world using GeoGuessr, but the catch? You have to test your ability to pinpoint exactly where in the world it is you’ve landed, from the outback of Australia through to the tourist filled streets of London.

Explore the world at

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is always a hilarious game to crack open at a Christmas work-do, dinner party with friends or when the in-laws come to visit for the weekend, but because these aren’t looking likely for the foreseeable future there’s a new way to play the hilarious card game online. The premise is the same, each player takes it in turns to read a card with a saying or phrase on it with a word that’s been left blank. The rest of the team have to use their wit, humour and knowledge of the other player’s personality to try and get one of their cards to fit the blank. Expect laughter and definitely an awkward silence or two if you’re playing with your boss or nan.

Get playing here


If you’re dedicated team captain for this week’s scheduled Zoom call try your hand at a good ol’ game of bingo. Send over your friends their bingo boards that they can print off at home or illustrate on their laptops, get a set of numbers ready in a hat (this will probably take some time to cut out but it’ll be worth it) and get creative with the winning prizes. These could be anything from coupons to redeem in the future or a fun dinner out once restaurants open, or even a party popper sent in the post. Think creatively or foolishly and you’ll no doubt have some laughs. Oh and don’t forget to swat up on your bingo calling puns. 


An oldie but a goldie. 

Everyone loves a game of charades and no matter where in the world you’re currently isolating you can hop on Zoom and join in a game with your pals or family. Whether you’re teaming up or playing solo, make sure you get creative with the categories and choose options that’ll make everyone chuckle or occasionally get a little mad.


Okay, this one isn’t so much as a game but we bet you’re missing singing your heart out with your bestie at da club? Course you are. Pop on your favourite tunes and belt out everything from the Disney classics to the club anthems.

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