Feeling cozy? Not for long. Britain is being told to layer-up, because this is going to be the coldest winter since wooly mammoths roamed the earth. Or, 2012, as it was know as.

Meteorologists have predicted we’re in for a big freeze and the mercury is set to plunge this week, at least it would be if anyone still used mercury and the digital revolution hadn’t happened. This week the mornings will dip to between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius as an Arctic front hits the country, the first of many over the next month or so. Snow is expected in Scotland tomorrow.

According to the Weather Company’s Head of Meteorological Operations, Leon Brown, “People will get a shock after recent mild winters.

“It looks like a close call for this winter to be 0.3C below average, which would make it the coldest winter since the early 2010s.

“A colder-than-average December is favoured, with Arctic influxes from the north-west due to the jet stream’s position.”

And with temps set to hit lows of -10C in parts of the country, we’re going long on jumpers, thermals and fire wood.

Meteorologists have predicted we're in for a big freeze and the mercury is set to plunge this week...

The early 2010s saw London grind to a complete halt as foot-deep snow entombed the capital, putting a halt to all commuting, closing schools and leaving businesses unable to open.

To everyone who’s asked ‘what would coronavirus have been like it if had happened ten years ago?’ over the past few months it’s instructive, we basically didn’t go to work, it was a week off. Don’t expect such leniency this time around, COVID has been a useful WFH dry run.

It’s even possible that the winter will be the coldest on record, with bookmaker Coral slashing the odds for this winter being the coldest on record. A spokesman for Coral, Harry Aitkenhead, “Autumn’s been mild but winter looks wild.”

For more weather geekery, head to the Met Office’s website

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