Grab a dice (or is it die?), think of your favourite property colours and get ready to frustrate your friends and family all over again in a new life size version of Monopoly.

Monopoly Lifesized is a fully interactive attraction that is officially licensed by Hasbro, and is located in London’s Tottenham Court Road. It is, essentially, exactly what you’d imagine: a huge, life sized version of Monopoly that you can play with others- unless you happen to be a billionaire, this is as close to buying up tons of London properties as most of us will get. If you’re as disgruntled with the changes to the Monopoly tokens in the past few years as we are (how could they replace the Boot and the Thimble? What a scandal!) you’ll soon forget about it when you get stuck in to this.

You play Monopoly Lifesized pretty much exactly how you’d imagine: collect property deeds, charge rent, build houses and hotels, escape jail, and destroy your friendships, now in an even more personal way. To earn money, you’ve to complete various tasks, escape room style. You’ll be welcomed by Mr Monopoly (or Rich Uncle Pennybags, if you’re the old fashioned type) who’ll introduce you to the game. It’s here where you’ll be introduced to your team mates (a novel concept in Monopoly) and your rival teams. You’ll get a token, and then once the cuddly real estate tycoon is finished with his intro, you’ll get down to business.

Oh, we forgot to mention that you can actually choose your own board in this life sized version: they really did think of everything. Each of these boards have differing themes. There’s Luxury, which mostly focuses on the high class life style of London, City, which is more focused in the night life and entertainment of London, and of course Classic, for the pursuits among us. There’s also a Junior board for kids aged 5-8. Once you start the game, you get a brief little pause during a countdown in which you can survey the board you’re playing in to get an idea of it, and then you’re off!

We’ll try not to give everything away, but after rolling the dice, you’ll travel around the board, buying properties if you want- but as we mentioned, in this version of the game you’ll need to complete tasks in order to earn them. For example. you’ll need to pull off a heist to be able to claim the coveted Mayfair. Part of your team will enter the property door to complete the game, and the rest will watch outside. It’s a bit like a Monopoly version of the Crystal Maze (if you remember that 90s staple).

Chance and Community Chest cards are as ever available to earn to aid you in your journey, and you’ll of course be able to build houses on your properties too. At the end of the whole game, the “ultimate champion” will be revealed, and you can then take advantage of The Top Hat Restaurant and Bar, which serves a selection of classic British dishes in a small plates version.

This is the only way to play the classic boardgames in life-size (that we can think of), and considering you can play Monopoly on your phone, games console or probably microwave these days, why not play Monopoly in a more immersive way? It’s located at 213-215 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7PS, so grab your family and friends and head on over to really test your relationships post lockdown.


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