You can be forgiven for forgetting, but today is national burger day. The fact that it wasn’t marked in pen in your diary for the past few months is alright, given it’s surely completely made up, a  figment of some meat industry PR’s imagination. Normally I’m minded to ignore it altogether, after all I’m writing this on National Secondhand Wardrobe Day and National Banana Split Day (they share a day, presumably because there’s so much crossover) and I’m not rushing home with a bunch of bananas and an IKEA Kleppstad wardrobe strapped to the roof of my car.

But this time it’s personal, because I love burgers. And London is awash with the things, with patties from Paddington to Plaistow and buns from Borough to Banstead. Here are some worth checking out this ‘national burger day’ and, hopefully, beyond…

Burger & Lobster

A personal favourite. This small chain do two things very well. Lobster… and burgers. While cows and lobsters seldom meet in nature, let alone form close relationships, at Burger & Lobster they are the double-act that keeps the show on the road.

Cows and lobsters seldom meet in nature...

And lobster may take a lot of the menu limelight, but the burgers are brilliant too. Give lobster a look-in, starting with the lobster croquettas and then order an Original Burger for your main.

8 ounces of Nebraskan beef served with lettuce and tomato and their secret recipe burger source.

Where: Various locations across London


The views across the Thames to parliament and the nearby London Eye may be the headlines, but the story is the fine meat.

The steak house serves some of the finest cuts about, and the steak burger is no exception. Served in brioche bun and topped with ‘Lyburn’ smoked Cheddar, Deano’s bacon jam and pickle, it’s a spectacle to behold. And to eat.

Go for the truffle and Parmesan chips.

Where: Westminster Bridge Road, Southbank, SE1 7PB


Talking of meat experts, Hawksmoor must rank among the very best in the world. What they don’t know about eating bits of an animal isn’t worth knowing.

And when it comes to their beef burger, expect only the best meat, served with small nuggets of bone marrow and topped with Ogleshield cheese, all served with triple cooked chips.

Where: Various across London

Mother Flipper

This little piggy went to Brokley Market and totally owned the little piggy who ate roast beef because he was gobbling down a Mother Flipper burger instead.

Streetfooders Mother Flipper can be found down at Brockley Victoria Park markets and are renowned for their 28-day aged chuck beef burgers.

Where: Brockley Market, Lewisham College Carpark, Saturdays or Victoria Park Market, 56-57 Gore Road, Sundays


Goodman – but great meat. A classic Goodman burger comes with pulled rib cap, lettuce, tomato, onion, homemade pickles and the quintessential Goodman burger sauce. Served with chips (what else?) and, ideally, half a bottle of decent red.

Goodman caters for the red blooded sorts who prowl around Mayfair (they’re on Maddox Street), The City (Old Jewry) and Canary Wharf and although the prices reflect this, it’s probably worth every penny.

Where: 24-26 Maddox Street, Mayfair, W1S 1QH

Militant carnivores look away now. Because if you’re looking to cut down on the meat, you could go veggie instead. Here are some options…

Beans Station By Heinz (via Deliveroo)

Heinz Means *checks notes* er, Burgers? Beans-maker Heinz has teamed up with Deliveroo to bring you a selection of non-meat-based burgers that are instead packed with… you guessed it, beans!
With a selection of bean burgers, including their Original Heinz Beanz Burger, which tastes of baked beans, to the Tex-Mex Beanz Burger, which tastes of baked beans, to the Parmigiana Burger, which tastes of baked beans to the All Day Breakfast and Big Stack Beanz Burgers, which also taste of… baked beans.
They come in very natty packaging and with side of fries (very good) and, well, more beans.
I tried them and was actually a fan. Your colleagues will not thank you, but if you sit by the door for the rest of the afternoon then the beans-on-beans-with-beans meal will pay off.

When: Available until 31st October
Order: (though they only seem to deliver in a small radius)

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