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American Independence Day is memorialised each year with fireworks and celebrations with friends and family. The tipple of choice? American Whiskey.

But unless you’re Prince Harry, your chances of jetting to the States this July 4th are about as slim as a Meghan and Wills releasing a Christmas hit single… yet all is not lost. You can make the most of American Independence Day here in London thanks to Sip America, an event sponsored by the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. to showcase the diversity and versatility of American Whiskeys.

‘Sip America’ brings some of the capital’s best bars together to serve Londoners special cocktail lists themed around four different American Whiskey producing states and the taste profiles of their spirits – Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Tennessee. We’re gearing up to discover them!

American Whiskey is very much a favourite this side of the Atlantic. A whopping 85% of US spirit export to the UK is made up of American Whiskeys, and not just the well-known sources like Kentucky and Tennessee, but increasingly whiskey heads here from nearly every state across the country, making it the perfect way to experience the USA.

Which is exactly what we intend to do this Independence Day at these bars as part of ‘Sip America’…

Satan’s Whiskers – Chicago

Channelling the best American through the dual mediums of hip-hop and taxidermy, Satan’s Whiskers will whisk drinkers to Chicago thanks to the Whiskey from  FEW Spirits in Illinois.

The award-winning distillery, based just outside Chicago, and producing everything from grain to glass, provides the base for three signature cocktails from the bar.

Enjoy a Cottonmouth (made with FEW Rye, white grapefruit, Cynar and lemon bitters), or Chi-Town Buck (containing FEW Bourbon, pineapple, ginger, lemon, ginger ale) or Illinois Cardinal (FEW Bourbon, cognac, Amer Picon, sweet vermouth, cacao).

Cocktails are priced at £10 each

Where: 343 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9RA
Featured distillery: FEW Spirits

Fitz’s – Kentucky

Bloomsbury’s Fitz’s Bar honours   American Rye Whiskey and Kentucky with historic maker James E. Pepper in the form of a Whiskey Highball, a Punch and an Old Fashioned.

And they’ll also be honouring Independence Day at Fitz’s with music from country artists the Cash Cows along with Fitz’s signature bar snacks.

The cocktails will include a Kentucky Highball (James E. Pepper Rye, Watermelon and Kentucky Soda), their Black Cherry Punch (made from James E. Pepper Rye, Black Cherry, Green Chilli, Amontillado Sherry and Citrus), and a funky Banana Old Fashioned (fashioned from James E. Pepper Rye, Banana, Star Anise Ice and Firecraker Ice).

Cocktails are priced at £13 each

Where: At The Kimpton Fitzroy, 1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, WC1B 5BE
Featured Distillery: James E. Pepper

Crossroads – Oregon

At one of London’s newest openings (and a rare 2020 one at that), Crossroads, you can experience a Whiskey-led reinterpretation of the American Dream thanks to WestwardWhiskey.

The Portland distillery takes incredibly high-quality Oregon barley and turns it into a memorable American Single Malt Whiskey.

The cocktail list includes a Cucumbery take on a Mint Julep (featuring Westward, dry vermouth, cold brew sencha, absinthe and cucumber skin) a Pomegranate-led Ward Eight (with Westward, Campari, pomegranate vinegar and grenadine), finally a creamy version of an Old Fashioned and Godfather (including Westward, Rooibos, Wildarbor).

Cocktails are priced at £9 each

Where: At the junction of Royal College Street and Camden Road, Camden, NW1 9NN
Featured distillery: Westward Whiskey

Little Mercies – Tennessee

Who could compile a list of American Whiskeys and not mention Jack Daniel’s? Thankfully Crouch End’s Little Mercies is here to bring a taste of Tennessee Whiskey’s distinctive mellowness to North East London.

Jack Daniel’s forms the backbone of three innovative takes on American classics. Like a Snickers Old Fashioned (invoking the nutty chocolate snack with Jack Daniel’s, peanut butter infused bourbon, gomme. Giffard cacao, saline solution and cocoa vodka). There’s also the Whiskey Sour (Jack Daniel’s, lemon juice, gomme, egg white and Angostura bitters) along with a Lynchburg Lemonade (referencing the home of Jack Daniels and featuring Jack Daniel’s, Margarita premix, lemon juice and soda water).

Cocktails are priced at £9 each

Where: 20 Broadway Parade, Crouch End, N8 9DE
Featured distillery: Jack Daniel’s

Enjoy Sip America responsibly.

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