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We all took a collective gasp when Kylie Jenner achieved an astonishing one million Instagram likes on a sponsored post, in which she was advertising a diet product. She has gone on to achieve this feat several times now, truly showing the power of celebrities endorsing your brand on their personal social media. However, dealing with celebs in this way can be a minefield and it’s important to know what you’re doing. Here are The Handbook’s 10 Tips for Effective Celebrity Social Media Endorsements.


Get your facts right.

Coming across a picture of a celebrity using your product might result in pound signs lighting up your eyes, but you have to be cautious. This is not necessarily a free endorsement and using these photos without approval from the star’s team can be problematic. This is because reposting the images could lead to copyright infringement and because suggesting that a celebrity is actively endorsing your product when they are not, can lead to a hefty law suit! If you really want to highlight that a famous celeb has used your product, it is best to post a link to the original source and be certain that you are not suggesting that their use of the product is part of a paid deal.


Make the most of unofficial endorsements.

On the other side of things, of course a random seal of approval of your brand from a celebrity is a great way to get your name out there for free! It is wise to monitor social media for any celebrity interactions with your brand and engage with them (for example, if they’ve tweeted how much they love your moisturiser, retweet it and reply to them!) Again, just make sure that you’re not exploiting the celebrity’s participation or implying that this was a paid interaction.


You might be asked to remove content. 

If you are posting about celebrities on social media, you may occasionally receive requests from them or their team to remove this content. In general, it is best to listen to these requests and remove the tweet or Instagram, as this means there is no way things can get ugly (or even end up in court!). Plus, they’ll see that you are an accommodating brand and this might open the door to a partnership in the future.


Remember, people are watching.

It is important to remember that no matter how small your brand may be, it is likely that the people you’re writing about are watching you. Several celebrity teams include staff whose job is to monitor internet coverage about them and with handy features, such as google alerts, this is easier than ever. Even if you’re just sending a single tweet about a celeb, remember that they could see it. That is why, ideally, you should seek permission – get in contact with their team and check that your planned content isn’t libellous. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Analyze the level of commitment. 

Make sure to name the specific expectations you have for a celebrity endorsement in the contract. Analyse the commitments that the celebrity already has before committing, as you don’t want a celeb that is stretched too thin. If they are they are most likely to do the bare minimum and be less enthusiastic about any requests. Perhaps encourage loyalty to your brand by providing the celebrity with support in regards to their own business ventures. 


Engage in an open discussion. 

Consumers tend not to notice brands very quickly, which is why celebrity endorsements are so appealing. Celebrities can trigger immense attention to your brand, as fans take note of what they are advocating. Discuss with the celebrity different ways in which they might be about to integrate your product into their lifestyle. Try to be creative about opportunities in which they can seamlessly incorporate your product into appearances, competitions and interactions with fans. 


Prepare for the worst. 

Celebrities are human and fall short of perfection every now and then. Because of this, it is important to ask yourself how your brand would be affected in the worst happened and your celebrity fell off their pedestal. More importantly, make sure it does not become a habit. Check regularly to confirm that your celebrity’s values still line up with your brand’s. If their values fall short, consumers may begin to believe that your company’s do as well. 


Piggyback on their social media. 

It’s probably fair to say that every single celebrity out there has at least one social media channel that they endorse their own brand from – and possibly yours as well. However, make sure that their social media sites align with the tone of your brand and that their headline numbers are accurate. Evidence suggests that many social media celebrity followers and friends are fake or haven’t actively engaged in a long time. Try to track your celebrity’s media exposure before signing a deal. 


Don’t be starry-eyed. 

Just because you admire a celebrity does not mean they are right for your brand. Celebrity endorsements can often be incredibly expensive, and incredibly useful to enhancing a company’s awareness and credibility. Endorsements can be particularly useful for brands that want to reposition themselves or those which are just starting out. In all of these scenarios, celebrities can create a surge of consumer interest that can be even more impactful with the addition of PR coverage. 


Give your brand the opportunity to build.

Whether it’s through ongoing use of the same celebrity or different celebs for the same brand, brands that have most successfully leveraged celebrity ambassadors have made sure that each celebrity has a clear understanding of the role they play and how the association can take your brand to the next level. Start with a plan and ensure you build extension options or a longer view on timing in your talent contracts so there are no surprises on either side.


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