8 Celebrities With Hidden Talents

By Rory Hinton |
26th January 2015

You thought they were just actors or just a musician but oh no they are so much more than that some of them do karate, some can dance and then you just have the outlandish talents we’re looking at you Aaron Paul… everyone loves a hidden talent. For a full list of all the celebrities in our database and their talents click here

Angelina Jolie – Knife Throwing Pilot

So obviously she doesn’t do both at the same time but that’s right, as well as being a wonderful actress, an ambassador for UNHCR and all round role model,  Angelina Jolie also has her  pilot’s license. Oh and  during the filming of ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’, she learnt a new skill and as a result she is now a bona-fide knife thrower. Yup, that’s right – you don’t want to go messing with her.

 Colin Farrell – Country Line Dancing

Not only did Farrell learn Irish dancing at school in his native land, he also spent several years both performing and teaching western country line dancing in Dublin following a rejected audition, Boyzone. He was the real-deal; cowboy hat, sleeveless denim shirt and boots to boot. Let us never forget this.  

 Bruce Willis – Harmonica Player

Fun fact of the day Bruce Willis was the harmonica player with R&B band Loose Goose. That’s right, Bruce was an R&B harmonica player. But his musical styling doesn’t just stop at Loose Goose, the Die Hard actor has also performed with Blues legends BB King and Billy Preston on stage. It seems the on-screen hard man has a secret soulful side.


 Bob Barker – Karate

If you’re going to learn karate then you don’t want to do it by halves, which is why game-show host Bob Barker learnt karate for 20 years under the instruction of non-other than Chuck Norris himself. The ‘Price is Right’ host has a black belt in the martial art, and has the incredible ability to chop straight through desks, as he proved on late night TV with Craig Ferguson. Bob’s not one to mess with, that’s for sure!

 Pierce Brosnan – Professional Fire-eater

After many years working on action film, we imagine some of the thrill wears off, especially with stunt-doubles stealing all of the real action. However, where Pierce Brosnan is involved, it isn’t just James Bond having all of the fun. In 1969 Brosnan learn how to eat fire. Yes, eat fire. A skill that ultimately led to him performing in the circus for 3 years before his impressive on-screen career began.

Pierce Brosnan

 Katheryn Winnick – Martial Arts

With a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a 2nd degree black belt in karate, Katheryn Winnick is not one to be taken lightly. In fact, at the age of 16 she set up her very own martial arts school, and by 21 one school had become three. Could she be any more impressive? Actually, yes, she can. She also turned down a chance to compete in the Olympics in order to teach her arts and complete her studies at the University of York.

Aaron Paul – Telling the sex of a dog by petting its back

Arguably the most bizarre talent we’ve ever heard of.. The actor star claims to have the ability to identify the sex on a dog by simply stroking its back, a talent he showcased on ‘Kimmel’. In fact, this is absolutely the most bizarre talent we’ve ever heard of. If this is real, this it’s incredible. However we feel maybe it’s just an excuse for him to use that oh so famous Breaking Bad catchphrase.

Daniel Radcliffe -Rapping

If you haven’t seen Daniel Radcliffe rapping where have you been? He impressed Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and with it pretty much the whole of America and the internet when he took on Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics and absolutely nailed it. Daniel we salute you. 

 And if you have been living under a rock then check out the Daniel in action here… 

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