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20th July 2016

We all know that celebrities are talented beings, that’s why their famous right? But in some cases celebrities are more than just a pretty face, for example did you know that some of your favourite celebrities actually have their own blogs?
Perez Hilton even became famous through creating his own blog, starting as a gossip site he put his acid tongued comedy touch to it – his doodles on the accompanying tabloid images also personalised the site in a simple yet innovative way making his site even more memorable. People were partly clicking onto his site for the actual gossip but partly to see what stinging remarks he would make, in recent years Perez has had a change of heart and lays off the gratuitous insults but he still won’t be pandering to celebrity egos. He has also expanded his blog from celebrity gossip to fashion sites and a video channel which have a combined worth in the high millions. perezhilton.com
web-perez-hilton-gettyBy the time Kim Kardashian West released her blog www.kimkardashianwest.com in 2015 she was already a global superstar so it came as no surprise that it would be a success. In it she covers a range of topics from beauty to fashion to her latest news and she also answers fans questions plus of course, a host of images of herself. It is essentially a blog about all things Kim just in case seeing her everywhere isn’t enough of a lens into her life. While her site menu has many categories to choose from, there are even more as you scroll through the site including all access, sisterly love, my faves, and most recently, Snap Saturday. The blog is the only celebrity one we could find that requires not only a log in but a subscription fee, which although minimal at a couple of dollars, seems an unnecessary income for a woman worth over $50 million dollars. But again, it’s no surprise as Mrs. Kardashian West is a money-making machine.
481868694_kim-kardashian-zoom-10e8fb5f-d072-4bff-b89a-81b5bc01ae89Gwyneth Paltrow receives a lot of stick for her healthy living website Goop with its out there suggestions of vagina steaming and her essential wardrobe staples that includes a $90 white T shirt. But besides a few humorous hiccups here and there the blog is actually a glorious success, in fact the website is so successful that when you type in the A-List actress’ name into Google, Goop is the first hit. Whilst Gwyneth’s personal care tips may be debatable and the SHOP section is quite pricey, Goop is still a great guide for traveling, entertaining, mental inspiration, and arts and culture. The recipes are also fairly easy and easy to adapt to your personal preferences. At the very least, we can trust that the site is actually run by Gwyneth and her team.
gwyneth-paltrow-a-avoue-qu-elle-avait-deteste-la-soiree-de-gala-du-met_2411838Zooey Deschanel stole everyone’s hearts in US TV sitcom New Girl with her relatable vulnerability and endearing quirkiness so it made sense that flocks of women would enjoy reading her website filled with culture and style articles aimed at creating a “positive” place for young women. The site is quite similar to Buzzfeed or Elite Daily, but it is set apart by its straight-forward girl power message, though they encourage men to view the site as well. Articles are not just limited to the owners, but are open to a host of contributing writers. In fact, contributing writers are highly encouraged and can be featured on the front page. Co-written with former TV producer Sophia Rivka Rossi, and former blogger and TV writer Molly McAleer, the blog HelloGiggles is estimated to be worth in the region of $30 million dollars.1761017

Lauren Conrad came from lowly beginnings on US reality TV show, The Hills, but she has left any memory of it well and truly behind with a wholesome blog that has articles and tips on fitness, recipes, home decorating and fashion to name a few. The self-titled website laurenconrad.com is a reflection of her new, healthy lifestyle that will get any girl ready to entertain, to travel, or even just to go to school. The site even offers a book section where you can become a member of the site’s book club and even find the latest news on all of LC’s book releases. And for those who are not located in the US, you can also shop Lauren’s personal clothing line.
John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party

Believe it or not, Beyoncé has a blog! That’s right, she has a personal Tumblr. One of Beyoncé’s best qualities (as if she has a bad one) is that she manages to be the biggest star in the world and keep her private life, well, private. Even with the release of Lemonade, we still don’t have the full story because she’s Beyoncé and doesn’t have to respond to anyone. However, her Tumblr gives a glimpse into her personal life as she shares never-before-seen photos on tour and from her daily life with her family. Much like her other social platforms, you will rarely find any written commentary, but sometimes all you need is a small visual reminder that you do not, and will never, live Queen Bey’s life. iam.beyonce.com


At first glance, Khloé Kardashian’s blog looks like a carbon copy of Kim’s: similar categories, same font, and identical format. After scrolling to the end of the page, though, it appears that Khloé has a more exclusive deal going on. Not only is the blog literally exclusive, following in Kim’s footsteps of including a paid subscription, Khloé has created content that is still about her daily life, but not always in the form of selfies and photoshoots. She shares organizational tips, workout regimens, and general advice. She also features other people on her page like her current inspirations and her fans under “Fan Shout Out.” Another thing that stands out is that her page is not an endless scroll which entices you more to try the seven-day free trial. www.khloewithak.com

khloe k

Jamie Oliver is best known for his television programme The Naked Chef and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He continues to make strides in the culinary industry with his array of cookbooks, healthy food campaigns, and restaurant chains like Jamie’s Italian. Now, he has created a one-stop shop for recipes and tips for healthy living, complete with pictures and how-to videos at www.jamieoliver.com. If you pop down to the bottom of the page, there is also a section where you can completely indulge in all Jamie Oliver products including his YouTube channels-FoodTube and DrinksTube-as well as his books. The best bit is that all the recipes are rated by levels of difficulty and can be enjoyed by all ages.
jamie oliver 2Style icon Olivia Palermo has a self-titled fashion blog that is easily Vogue-inspired from its stark black and white layout to the display of her name at the top of the page. Much like Lauren Conrad, Palermo clipped her reality TV wings-considering she starred on Conrad’s programme spin-off The Cityand has flown straight into socialite stardom. Her site covers all things fashion and beauty from what she is wearing to what we’re seeing on the runway. The site also features cultural elements like artist spotlights, decor, fashion-inspired events, and places to travel. Thankfully, she keeps the page updated almost daily. www.oliviapalermo.com

olivia palermo 2

Before you ask yourself why you would want to look at Jeff Bridges’s website, we will tell you. It is the most random yet entertaining site that you would not expect from someone like Jeff Bridges. Or maybe you would. The entire site is illustrated and whilst it appears to be like any official celebrity website, it is far from the never-ending stream of social media updates and press articles. The site features his albums, filmography, and his personal photography which are his behind-the-scenes shots on set of his most recent films. The main event is the hilarious category on the main page called “Stuff” where there are a series of doodles that link to miscellaneous videos or photos that Jeff shares. If anything, the illustrations are enough to visit the page. www.jeffbridges.com

jeff bridges

Just over a year go, Reese Witherspoon started a new clothing and home goods line called Draper James, dedicated to her love for the US south and her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon. To complement the already-charming site, she started a blog called, “Love, Reese,” where she describes it as notes on people, places, and parties in the south. If you have a fascination for the lifestyle of the American southerner, this blog is for you. Here she shares recipes for southern comfort food, how to put on a great party, and even features up and coming southern recording artists. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t also feature her Draper James favorites, or “Reese’s Pieces,” and how to style them. Here is your daily guide to learning the ways of the south. blog.draperjames.com

reese 2

Heading back to the trend of celebrities with Tumblrs, supermodel Karlie Kloss has a personal Tumblr that is updated regularly with her whereabouts and what she is up to. Unlike other celebs made famous through social media popularity, Karlie has been breaking through the social media sphere in the last year after launching her brand Klossy. She created this platform through her YouTube channel, Klossy, where we get an insight into the model’s life when she is not on the runway. One of her latest projects is Kode With Klossy where she puts on a coding class for young women to support her pursuit to break the glass ceiling with women in STEM. You can keep up with all of her endeavours by following her at karliekloss.tumblr.com


It’s no surprise that Jessica Alba has a blog dedicated to her business, The Honest Company. Since unofficially retiring from acting and becoming a mother, Jessica has dedicated her time and energy to creating clean, simple, and healthy products for everyone-especially children. In spite of recent backlash over a particular Honest product containing a mainstream chemical, the brand is standing their ground and defending their honest (no pun intended) image. The brand’s blog, Honestly, features Honest team members and their philanthropy, chats with other business moguls, and breakdowns of various chemicals and their effects. Jessica has received a bit of flack for being too preachy in Honest’s message, but it shows how dedicated she is to her brand.

jessica alba 2

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