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By Charlotte Knight | 25th November 2015

After a spot of research and an awful lot of considering whether any of us have the talent to follow in the footsteps of those below (we don’t, by the way), The Handbook team have compiled a list of the richest celebrities of 2015.

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Floyd Mayweather – $300 million

Thanks to one of the highest profile boxing matches of all time Mayweather tops the list of this years highest earners, bringing home a cool $300,000,000 after beating Manny Pacquiao. Not one to hide his wealth, Mayweather’s instagram shows off the extent of his wealth; a trove of cash-stacks, expensive cards and shiny jewelery. Having announced his retirement this year it’s unlikely he’ll bring home a payload quite so large again, but we’re sure he won’t struggle for cash any time soon!

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao – $160 million

Coming second in his fight against Mayweather meant that Pacquiao left the ring, $125,000,000 richer and as a result earns the number 2 spot on the highest earners list. Sponsorship from the likes of Monster Energy, Nike and Hewlett-Packard are also heavy contributors to his financial success this year which totals at $160,000,000. Unlike his extravagant former-rival, however, Pacquiao donated a massive portion of his fight earnings to charity. What a top bloke!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry – $135 million

Outside of the boxing world Katy Perry is the highest paid, raking in $135,000,000 this year alone. This was very much helped  by a gross profit of $2,000,000 per city on this years world tour. Several sponsorship’s, a soon-to-be-released phone game and, of course, record sales boost the singers profits. On top of this, Perry has the most followed twitter account right now (78.1 million) and huge popularity outside of the States  (60% of her sales were outside USA). Several factors contributed to Miss Perry’s success, and we’re sure this wont be the last time she’s on a top earners list!


One Direction – $130 million

It would appear the Zayn Malik saga didn’t hinder the boys of One Direction too much as they slide into 4th on the highest earners list with a comfortable $130,000,000 to their name. The world’s biggest boy-band can now claim to be the worlds biggest band in general after a world tour and new album bumped the bands gross profits sky high. Sounds pretty ‘Perfect’ to us. And with sponsors like Pepsi and Colgate (irony?) it certainly seems to us as though they’re heading in one direction.

SiriusXM's "Howard Stern Birthday Bash" - Arrivals

Howard Stern – $95 million

The Sirius XM presenter and America’s Got Talent co-host steals the final Top-5 highest earner spot with $95,000,000. Three decades of foul language, abrupt humour an often controversial discussions during the American rush-hour has earned The Howard Stern Show a loyal following (as well as a few fines). Perhaps not as high profile as the others on this list but a true example of hard work and dedication paying off in the form of 8-figures.

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