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Famous actors, actresses, athletes, musicians and other pop-culture icons have always served as powerful tools for companies seeking to reach consumers and persuade them that their products are ones they too ought to own.

Simply speaking: if we see that someone we admire and trust to some degree is associated with a specific brand, we want to be associated with that brand as well. Either we will go and purchase that product or assume that, that brand has a great future and recognition. As a result the power of celebrities to endorse and persuade has reached new heights and Celebrities get approached by hundreds of people and companies weekly wanting their support to endorse their product, support their charity, or to attend a high profile event.

The Handbook has put together our key tips to get you heard, to get a response and to make the right choice when choosing celebrities to become involved with.

1) Using The Handbook celebrity database email or ring the correct representative with a clearly concise, thought out email stating how you would like the celebrity to get involved with your offering. If you are looking to book a celebrity for a personal appearance or an event, state the budget that you have and the dates that you would like the celebrity to attend.

2) If you are sending a product to a celebrity that you are hoping they may wear, we recommend that you contact the agent or manager in advance to check the postal address and the size the item should be sent in. Remember if the person you are contacting is  an agent, a manger or publicist to an A list celebrity, they will probably receive a vast number of enquiries every day for a celebrity to wear something or be seen with it, therefore make your package stand out, use attractive packaging, a fun note, think outside the box a little, what would get your attention?

The Kardashian Sisters Promote Their New Fashion Line "Kardashian Kollection" At Sears

3) If you are looking to book a celebrity for an event or interview please do so in advance as celebrities get booked up very quickly. If you are looking to book a celebrity for an endorsement or a commercial booking then we do offer this service, contact Please note we only deal with commercial appearances with a budget, if you are a charity or have a limited budget please contact the agent directly

4) If you are approaching a celebrity regarding a charity engagement, please provide clear details about the charity and how their contribution can help that particular charity. Please explain what the charity is looking to raise from a specific event or the celebrity being involved, and state clearly what involvement the celebrity will need to have and how much time it is likely to take. Think about what sort of celebrities maybe interested in supporting your charity or cause, perhaps pick a celebrity that your charity is likely to touch a cord with, or one where you know they support similar causes. Up and coming celebrities can also be worth contacting, as they may be looking for charities to become involved with, and may have more time to put towards the charity, as well as providing a big impact for the charity if and when their career really takes off.

5) The Handbook advises having a list of 5- 10 celebrities minimum that could be suitable for your requirements so that you increase your chances of a good response, and also as in most instances there will be various celebrities that can support your cause or endorse your brand and it is important not to put all your eggs in one basket!

6) You have to find a celebrity that you trust and most importantly that reflects your brand or purpose. If you have a brand for example, that you are asking a celebrity to endorse, then you are asking the celebrity to project the image and promise of that brand. If a celebrity mis behaves than clearly this can have huge implications. So careful thought needs to be given before making any decisions.

Remember a celebrity representative needs to go to their client (the celebrity) with a clear, strong, tangible offering or proposal so lay out the facts clearly and concisely and make sure everything is together in a clear, easy, format so they can hopefully take your enquiry forward.

Think outside the box, go that extra mile, and be brave! And once you have the celebrity involved make sure you maximise on the impact.

For full celebrity contact information, click here.

Good luck!