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The Handbook
By | 9th December 2015

There are those out there lucky enough to get paid to do what they love, and there are those even luckier who get paid an extraordinary amount to do so on a ginormous scale. We’ve put together a list of those fortunate few.

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Katy Perry

1. Katy Perry – $135 million

We’re sure it’s not surprise that the most followed celebrity of all time tops the leader-board of wealthy musicians. With a gross profit of over $2million per city on her massive world tour earlier this year and several high-profile sponsorship deals including Claire’s and Covergirl it’s very understandable how she has reached such financial heights! Her own smartphone game, due to be released soon, is the cherry on the  top of Perry‘s (probably very expensive) cake, and her legions of fans, 60% of whom live outside of The States, are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.



One D

2. One Direction – $130 million

It would appear the Zayn Malik saga didn’t hinder the boys of One Direction too much as they slide into 2nd on the highest earners list with a comfortable $130mil to their name. The world’s biggest boy-band can now claim to be the worlds biggest band in general after a world tour and new album bumped the bands gross profits sky high. Sounds pretty ‘Perfect’ to us. And with sponsors like Pepsi and Colgate (irony?) it certainly seems to us as though they’re heading in one direction.



Garth Brooks

3. Garth Brooks – $90 million

Brooks put an end to a 13-year touring hiatus this year with a US tour selling over 2.5 million tickets and as a result has recieved the highest annual-earning of any country music act ever. Not bad after a decade-long break. Earning an estimated $1 million per night of his tour it’s clear to see Brook‘s  fan are more than loyal and have forgiven him for keeping them waiting for a short while!



Taylor Swift

4. Taylor Swift – $80 million

Everyone’s favourite country-star turned pop-phenomenon takes the number 4 spot which certainly doesn’t come as a surprise to us. 3.6 million sales of her album 1989 in 2014, earnings of $4 million a night on her 1989 Tour and numerous chart-topping singles are just a few of the reasons Swift is one of the most beloved music actions of her generation.



The Eagles

5. The Eagles – $73.5 million

The Eagles success for this year has come less from countless number 1’s (which they haven’t had for many years now) or iPhone games (which they’ve unsurprisingly never had) but more down to persistent touring, live shows and many years spent building up a loyal fan-base. The legends of music have managed to edge out several notable younger artists such as Harris and Timberlake in order to grab a place in the years top 5 earners.



Calvin Harris

6. Calvin Harris – $66 million

Scottish DJ and now model (thanks to a near-impossible transformation straight from left-field) joins girlfriend Swift on the 2015 high earners list thanks to 6-figure earnings as a DJ and several high-end endorsements including an underwear-modelling contract with Emporio Armani. His relationship with Swift also makes Harris 50% of showbiz’s highest earning couple, beating out power-couples such as Jay Z/Beyonce and Brangelina.



Justin Timberlake

7. Justin Timberlake – $63.5 million

From NSYNC teen-star to solo artist, fashion-icon and Jimmy Fallon’s partner-in-crime, this isn’t exactly Timberlake‘s highest earners debut. Aside from the earnings from his 59-show tour, regular slots on The Tonight Show and frequent articles in GQ, Justin also has many endorsements deals with companies such as Sony and Budweiser (sounds like a good combo to me!). Slightly less well-know, Timberlake also owns Tequila company Sauza 901 and is often declaring his love for the drink on talk shows.



Fleetwood Mac

8. Fleetwood Mac – $59.5 million

80’s music legends Fleetwood Mac are far from fading from the public eye as they slide into the number 8 spot on this list. A fair portion of these earnings are probably due to a 86-date “On With The Show” tour with tickets selling for an astonishing $300 a pop which generated over $150 million in gross profits. These rock-veterans sure show the youngsters how it’s done!



Lady Gaga 2013

9. Lady Gaga – $59 million

As one of the most extravagant and flamboyant artists of the past decade, Gaga‘s loyal fans and hard work in for the form of 66 shows have gained her a top 10 spot. Renowned for her outlandish fashion statements (a certain meat dress comes to mind) and over-the-top performances, it’s far from a surprise the singer has signed deals with fashions brands like Versace and MAC make-up which play a big part in boosting her earnings to a Monster level!




10. The Rolling Stones – $57.5 million

The original bad-boys of Rock n’ Roll, Jagger and the boys are still working hard and partying harder 50 years into their incredible career! Although they didn’t play as many shows this year as other artists they played to sell-out crowds so large that their earnings beat those of almost every one of their peers. Their ‘Zip Code’ tour grossed  nearly $110 million over 14 shows, selling just under 630,000 tickets.



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