Christian Bale Stars In Upcoming Murder-Mystery Thriller Pale Blue Eye

By Rufus Punt | 12th December 2022
Christian Bale The Pale Blue Eye

If you’re a murder mystery fan, you’ve been spoilt for choice recently: there have been the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion, Where The Crawdads Sing, See How They Run and several more just this year. But if you’re looking for one with a bit more of a gothic edge, Christian Bale (who recently appeared in Amsterdam, another murder mystery) is starring in the upcoming thriller The Pale Blue Eye, set in the early 1830s. It sees a detective investigate a series of murders, assisted by none other than a young Edgar Allan Poe.


Christian Bale The Pale Blue Eye

The film has a strong cast, with Bale performing alongside Sex Education star Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton (The Ipcress File), Toby Jones (The Wonder), Timothy Spall (Mr Turner) and Robert Duvall (The Godfather). Poe is played by Harry Melling, known for his roles in Harry Potter as Dudley and in The Queen’s Gambit. The film is set in 1830, with Augustus Landor (Bale), a world-weary veteran detective, investigating a series of murders that have occurred at West Point, the famed US military academy in New York. He meets the young Poe (who himself became known as one of the first detective fiction writers), currently a cadet at the academy, and together they set out to solve the murders.

The Pale Blue Eye is directed by Scott Cooper, known for films like Black Mass, Hostiles and Antlers, and it’s based of a 2003 novel of the same name by Louis Bayard. The first trailer for the film was recently released by Netflix, and features a suitable amount of snow given its December release date. We’re introduced to both Detective Landor and Poe, as they form an alliance to solve the grisly murders affecting Poe’s fellow cadets. “Is it true you once elicited a confession with nothing more than a piercing look?” asks the keenly intrigued Poe. “With enough patience, a suspect will often interrogate himself” Landor replies matter of factly. Landor is initially not very interested in Poe’s help, but comes to value him and warm to him as the plot thickens.

Christian Bale The Pale Blue Eye

The characters of other cast members haven’t had much revealed about them. Although from the trailer, Spall seems to be playing a staff member of the academy, and Duval as someone who seems to have knowledge about the motives of the murder. Gillian Anderson meanwhile is playing a mysterious woman that Landon is keen to interrogate. You’ll be able to see how all the pieces fit together when the film releases in the cinema on 23rd December, and on Netflix on 6th January.

The film drops on December 23, and on Netflix on January 6, 2023.

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