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While we’re all mentally preparing ourselves for the day that our daily commutes involve leaving the house and travelling across the city again, rather than moving from the bed to the desk-cum-dining table, more and more commuters are looking at the prospect of cycling into work rather than opting for the easy route of jumping onto public transport.

In fact, British Cycling announced 14 million individuals are looking at switching up their commute to cycling for a more environmentally friendly and safer journey. If you’re one of the 14 million who are ready to embark on this wheelie commute, but haven’t yet invested in a bike, here’s a few bicycles and helmets that we’re loving right now.

Folding Favourites

Most people are dreading commuting again but I reckon those with bicycles are dreading it even more, due to how awkward lugging on can be. That’s why we want to introduce the folding cycle. 

While fold out bikes don’t typically have the trendiest reputation, they’ve undergone a facelift in recent years and there’s actually some super chic ones out there, if you know where to look. 

We love Ortler’s Fast Rocket cycle thanks to its preppy red frame and cream accents, but also its easy assembly that’ll see you cycling to and from work easily. It folds down small so if you do have to head onto public transport post-lockdown you’ll be able to easily without getting in fellow commuters’ way (there’s nothing worse!). For those looking to splash the cash should drop everything and invest in the Hummingbird Bike’s Paul Smith limited edition single speed. In true Paul Smith style, the design manages to incorporate his signature Artist Stripe.

City Cycles

With cycling being more and more encouraged in the city, now’s your chance to show up post-lockdown with a brand new ride and live out your Amsterdam cycling dreams. 

If you’re a city dweller looking for a sturdy but stylish cycle, you’ll want to invest in a city bike, otherwise known as a utility bicycle. We love Brick Lane Bikes for their quality, sturdy and simple frames and the 6KU Odessa 8SPD is designed with the city cyclist in mind. Another frame set up we’re lusting over is Creme’s Molly frame that comes complete with cute polka dots and a wicker basket, perfect for your farmers market essentials. 

From dusty pink to polka dot frames, all that remains is one question: to basket or not to basket?

Creme Molly 26"

Price: £527.99

Adventure Range

If you’re missing the adventures and can’t wait to get back out into the wilderness post-lockdown, our selection of adventure-focused cycles will suit you perfectly. Those gearing up for a long tour of the countryside should invest in one of Temple Cycles Adventure Tour frames. Every bike at Temple Cycles is made to order at their Bristol workshop, and this bike has 27 high quality gears that’ll see you whizzing up any hill or mountain that you’re faced with. 

We also love the Raleigh collection, in particular their Haibike Seet Hardseven 3.0 that’s perfect for those wanting to embark on long tours but still provide their behind with the maximum comfort available.

Temple Cycles

Adventure Tour

PRICE: £995


Eccentric Electrics

Dropping £1,000+ on a electric bicycle admittedly isn’t something everyone can afford to do but if you’re looking to invest in a statement frame that’ll last you for years to come, it’s definitely worthwhile. 

While you might think they’re a lazy excuse for a bicycle, and I did too before I rented one out to try one, but they give you the ability to cycle for a whole lot longer needing to stop for a cool down breather. The extra assistance helps you not to break out in sweat too, which is always a bonus, especially if you’re riding along with your crush. We love the Diamant Juna+ range for its stylish frame and design, but also for its resistance and long lasting battery life. 

Diamant Juna+ 300 WH

Price: £2,099.00

Ribble Hybrid AL e

Price: £1,899.00

Diamant Juna+ 400 WH

Price: £2,269.00

Stylish Headwear

No cycling experience is complete without a helmet to ride you to safety. Bombinate has a few really trendy helmets that won’t leave you feeling embarrassed of what you look like or the helmet hair you’ll no doubt be rocking post-cycle. We love their fossil and red wine loop helmet purely down to its nifty compressing option that makes cycling to work or into town less hassle as the helmet will easily slip into your backpack. 

Forget looking ‘lame’, embrace the helmet hair and enjoy the ride.

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