Claire Foy, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott are two names you probably wouldn’t associate with the horror genre, but the pair have just been cast in a new upcoming horror thriller film called Strangers. It’ll be adapted from an award winning Japanese novel of the same name by author Taichi Yamada, and is currently in production.

Foy shot to fame with her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown on Netflix, and Scott came to prominence with appearances in Sherlock and Fleabag. Mescal meanwhile became known for his role as Connell BBC Three’s Normal People.

The rather strange (and unnerving) plot concerns a screenwriter called Adam (played by Scott) who meets his odd neighbour Harry (played by Mescal) one night in his London tower block residence, and is draw into a life changing set of events. Adam befriends and gets close to Harry, and eventually winds up back to his childhood home, where he discovers something mind bending: his parents, who were meant to be long dead, are in fact still alive, and haven’t changed in appearance decades later.

Alongside Scott and Mescal, Claire Foy plays Adam’s mother, and actor Jamie Bell plays his father. The film is directed by Andrew Haigh, who’s known for his previous work such as Weekend and Lean On Pete. The film is being co produced by Searchlight Pictures together with Film4. The original novel by Yamada was published in 1987, and was critically acclaimed upon release. The film moves the action from Tokyo in the book to London, and changes the names, but otherwise will resemble the novel pretty closely.

Again, there’s no set release date for Strangers, but it seems pretty likely that it’ll release late next year. In the meantime, we’ll update you when more info, pictures and a trailer are released.


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