Long gone are the days when soy milk reigned champion of the dairy free milk section. Nowadays you’ll find tens of brands joining in bringing new plant-based milks to light, from brown rice to yellow split pea milk. Granted both of these sound awful, but they somehow manage to get that creamy consistency just right. 

And these plant-based milks aren’t just for your hipster millennial friend or vegan second cousin, many are now trying to cut back on their dairy intake for various ethical, environmental and health reasons. 

If you’re looking to cut back yourself or are just intrigued by the hype, we’ve rounded up our favourite brands paving the way for the plant-based lifestyle. Read on to find out more.


Possibly the creamiest oat milk I’ve yet to try, Oato is my go-to when it comes to plant-based milk. So much so that I actually get this delivered to my flat doorstep twice a week! 

Carl Hopwood is the brains behind this plant-milk and he’s made it his mission to provide a British zero-waste dairy alternative, packaging their oat milk in glass. It’s rich and indulgent, making for a great addition to your frothy morning coffee or thickening your warming bowl of porridge come winter time. 

It’s available for delivery across the UK but for us Southerners, you can get your fix via Milk & More. 

Minor Figures 

On their way to becoming everyone’s favourite creamy accompaniment to their morning coffee is Minor Figures. These guys, founded in 2014, started out as a tiny start-up just a few years ago and have since gone on to being stocked in supermarkets, independent coffee shops and over 25 countries.

For a true oat milk fix, try out their Barista Oat. It’s the oat milk you’ll find all of your favourite coffee shops using to froth up for your latte obsession. Minor Figures are all about tackling the waste crisis and they’ve implemented refill stations across the country, allowing oat milk lovers to bring in their own milk bottles to refill and help reduce packaging – right now with their barista option available for refill. Find your local refilling station here.

Their specialty coffee cans are well worth trying too - we love the oat mocha and oat chai latte.


Helping to satisfy the nation’s milky cuppa fix is M*lkman. Don’t fancy trekking to your local store to buy mediocre plant-based milks? Fear not, these guys are a UK based vegan milkman service, delivering their creamy produce to your doors. 

Founded back in 2017, they’ve been dedicated to tackling the plastic crisis by bottling their milks in actual glass bottles, rather than plastic containers that never end up in the recycling bin. And their milks are actually really tasty! 

They now have a few varieties, from coconut milk to oat, and even a creamy, not too rich chocolate oat milk. You can get your delivery fix via Farmdrop, Love Shack, Joy, Pensworth, Parker Dairies and ADW Milk.


I always feel like macadamia nuts don’t get enough time in the spotlight. These little white balls are packed with all of the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants you need to help improve gut health and protect against several health issues, including diabetes and heart disease. But if you don’t fancy purchasing these expensive nuts, why not enjoy them in milk form? 

Milkadamia is the best place to start. They’ve got loads of products made using macadamia nuts, from milks through to buttery spreads. For a frothy latte, try the milkadamia unsweetened latte da or accompany your ice coffee try the unsweetened vanilla macadamia milk. Their creamers are also great for ice drinks, sauces and puds.

Mighty Pea

Ever thought you could milk a pea? Well, plant-milk maestros Mighty Pea are here to tell you that yes, in fact, you can. A yellow split pea at least anyway…  

Mighty Pea are on a mission to be as sustainable as possible, hence they are farming oats and yellow split peas rather than opting for dairy farming. Choose from their range of milks, from unsweetened pea to protein packed oat m.lk. 

For those missing their milkshake fix, look to their protein mighty shakes. We love the mighty banana and oat shake, that’s packed with 11g of plant protein. They also do protein powders for those wanting to stock up after a gym sess.


Another pea milk, this time it’s Sweden brand Sproud who are helping to pave a new way for plant-based living. Made using pea protein from dried yellow peas, the milk is light, fresh and the perfect accompaniment to your English brekkie cuppa. 

Right now they just have the three products – a barista special, unsweetened and a delicious choccie number. And they execute them perfectly. We love the simple monochromatic branding too.

Rude Health

Starting life in 2005 by producing the ultimate muesli blend from their kitchen table, Rude Health has since gone on to become one of the biggest plant-based milk producers on the market.

Perfect for blending with your favourite cereal – naturally, these guys did start out as cereal producers after all – enjoy milks including almond, oat, coconut, brown rice and cashew.

Top up your cereal bowl with rice, coconut, cashew, soy, oat or almond.

Glebe Farm PureOaty 

For those who are looking for a natural option, look to Glebe Farm’s PureOaty blend. Made with only four natural ingredients – British oats, water, sunflower oil and salt – this alternative is never made from concentrate and is also eco-friendly.

The family-fun Cambridgeshire farm also makes and sells a variety of other plant-based made with barista coffee in mind. Make your way through the range, enjoying the likes of coconut, soya and almond flavours.


Despite receiving a series of bad press of late, there’s no denying that Oatly’s oaty offerings aren’t anything but delicious. Now the world’s original and largest oat drink company, Oatly’s products stem further than just your oat milk – expect yogurts, ice creams, cooking creams and spreads also to be widely available from your local convenience store. 

For those wanting to replicate their favourite coffee shop beverage, look to their Oat Drink Barista Edition. The clue’s in the name but essentially you can guarantee a frothy finish to your home lattes.

Expect yogurts, ice creams, cooking creams and spreads also to be widely available from your local convenience store. 

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