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Sir David Attenborough has been immortalised on screen for decades, he’s beamed into classrooms, buildings have been named after the great naturalist, prizes named in his honour and a number of animals bear his name, from a small rubber frog to a long-beaked echidna (it’s seriously cute, you can even buy it on a face mask…). But now Sir David has been recreated anew, this time in ice on the South Bank.

The twelve-foot bust of Atty-B has been sculpted to draw attention to the effects of climate change. London’s current unseasonably cold winter withstanding, the intention is presumably that the giant sculpture slowly melts as a visual image of climate change in action.

The sculpture is the work of energy drink TENZING, who commissioned the work after seeing an Instagram post from the 94-year old reading “Saving our planet is now a communications challenge” (and presumably, if you’re TENZING, a communications opportunity). 

The first energy drink brand to achieve carbon neutrality, TENZING has now launched Take Action, a carbon management plan providing people with ‘accessible and measurable tools to help make environmental changes’. And there you were just thinking it was to power you through long drives and revision binges.

At around 175 cubic feet, the  ice sculpture demonstrates the Artcic sea ice melt caused by every UK person every fortnight.

The hope is that people watching Attenborough’s face slowly melt off will spur action and encourage folks to cut their carbon emissions.

According to the drinks brand founder, the wonderfully named Huib van Bockel, “Every individual has the ability to make a difference and the cool thing is, if we all take responsibility, the impact will be huge”.

Meanwhile, the sculpture is slowly dripping its way into the Thames. Catch it while you can…

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