One of the best new shows of last year was The Diplomat, Netflix’s political thriller starring The Americans actress Keri Russell as Kate Wyler, the new American ambassador to the UK. “The Diplomat” as a title might not sound enthralling, but the tightly written series kept us on the edge of our seats as Kate tried to navigate an international crisis after a ship was attacked by terrorists.

Netflix has finally confirmed the first details of season 2 which is arriving later this year, alongside the returns of other big hits like Bridgerton and Squid Game. Here’s all we know so far:

What will The Diplomat season 2 be about?

A quick recap of Season 1: The Diplomat sees Kate Wyler, a successful and experienced diplomat, unexpectedly sent by the US President (Better Call Saul’s Michael McKean ) to become the new American ambassador to the United Kingdom. Her job is to liaise with UK officials, including Prime Minister Trowbridge (Years and YearsRory Kinnear ) and represent US interests.

As she deals with getting used to the British way of doing things, as well as her difficult marriage to the overbearing Hal (The Marvellous Ms. Maisel’s Rufus Sewell ), Kate’s hopes of a simple start to things are thrown off course by an incident in the Middle East. A Royal Navy ship is attacked by terrorists off the coast of Iran and the situation quickly spirals into a full-blown crisis.

The Diplomat

At the end of the season (spoilers if you’ve not watched yet), a shocking twist is revealed in which the PM himself is implied to have hired a Russian terrorist group to fire upon the navy ship. To make things worse, a bomb goes off in the car of an MP, with Kate’s husband close by and the show goes to credits before the aftermath is revealed.

It’s up in the air as to what happened to Hal and those also affected by the blast. Kate will be pressed to find a way to expose the traitorous Prime Minister. Not only that but there are plans back in the US for her to eventually ascend to the role of Vice President- so The Diplomat looks to have even higher stakes than it did in its first season.

What else do we know & when will Season 2 release?

In addition to Keri Russell returning as Kate, Rory Kinnear will be back as Prime Minister Trowbridge, while the return of Rufus Sewell has yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, actress Allison Janney , who’ll also be seen in the upcoming Palm Royale, is set to play the current Vice President, Grace Penn.

The Diplomat Season 2 will arrive later in 2024 on Netflix

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