Netflix is bringing a weird yet potentially great new series to its platform this month, with the release of Dirty Lines: a show all about the beginnings of the first ever erotic phone line. Intrigued by the bizarre premise? Then read on.

Dirty Lines is a Dutch foreign language series exploring the origins of the world’s first erotic hotline, taking you the world of 80s Amsterdam, when phones had long been in every house and mobiles were only just coming in. It’s in this context that two brothers decide to create Teledutch, which would end up being a big success in Europe.

With the Cold War on the way out, use of party drugs like ecstasy on the up, and the AIDs scare more prominent in America than Europe, Frank and Ramon Stigter come up with the idea for an erotic hotline to appeal to people desiring sex and experimentation in a new way. With the maxim “sex sells” ever prescient, the new phone line takes off, and Dirty Lines’ main character Marly Saloman becomes an employee for the company, making recordings to play over the lines.

As the company takes off and more and more customers queue up for it, the brothers and Marly have to come up with new ways to keep innovating the business and expanding its appeal. But, cultural and social attitudes aren’t always with them on their new venture, and they’re forced to navigate the end of the Cold War social revolution while keeping their business afloat. Suddenly, what starts off as a small amateur project in their parents’ garage becomes a multi-million dollar industry.

Starring in the series are a number of Dutch actors, such as Joy Delima, Minne Kole, Chris Peters and Benja Bruijing, who are unknown here in Britain but rising stars in their home country. Netflix has described the series as “‘a raw portrayal of the liberal Amsterdam of the late 80s, that combines elements of Amsterdam we have seen before, but is told from an angle that is new to many”, with the showing creating “a unique feeling of that era.”

An official trailer for the series, which you can see above, has been released ahead of the show’s debut on 8th April. The show uses the book 06-Cowboys by Amsterdam born author Fred Saueressig, and is produced by production company Fictional Valley. It promises to be crazy and fun, and a stylish trip through the late 80s, with its fairly outlandish premise being treated with irreverence.


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